Wednesday, November 5, 2008

:: short & precise entry ::

been extremely busy lately.. thanx to exam scheduled next monday.. argh!

was on leave last monday - it was uplanned, due to my health condition.. sakit² perut & pinggang, which makes me think that i'm about to due.. hari nih ada scheduled A&C ngan dr ashar kat APSH, perhaps today i'll get a clearer picture on my 'real due date'.. hopefully, all this while, the contractions that i've got is just braxton hicks.. (crossing my fingers)

afiq and adib are doing well.. except that afiq lately dah jadi a bit cranky.. agaknya meragam nak dpt another lil' brother.. yesterday, afiq merajuk dgn mommy dia sbb jeles mommy suap adib susu.. he cried and merengek² kat my mom, and to our laughter, adib pegi ejek dia.. buat² nangis sambil sengih².. haha.. kelakar betul..

today's entry is meant to be short and precise.. nak blog off dah nih, ada mende sket nak buat.. take good care all.. bye!

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