Thursday, March 11, 2010

:: appointment with the paed ::

we brought the boys to paed yesterday, after giving up with the meds that were supplied by our usual GP. it has been 2-3 weeks of medications, but it seems that the kids didn't recover fully from the coughs and running nose they've got since CNY. lepas tuh, there' re few conditions yang adib develop that alarms me. dia slalu nampak macam choking bila minum susu nak tido, breath ada sket bau for the past few days and appetite dia veryyyyyyyy poor. he even refuse to take his fav vitamin which i normally kena sorok!

so off we go to pcmc, meeting the new paed. all this while, i'm so used to APSH's paed, but decided to give a change as i don't feel satisfied with the service level there. need to wait for a while, as we were late for appointment. luckily, there's a playroom for the kids to kill their time and it's pretty hard to get them out from the playroom!

since dah bawak pegi paed, terus amek skali shot hep A, second dose. adib behave really well. only cried a bit, and afiq the drama king as usual menangis sakit and continue to pretend sakit even after kena cucuk. :P

weight wise, adib is doing so well. he's now 14 kg and is 93cm tall. afiq pulak 11kg and 88 cm tall. afiq is pretty small i notice and the graph of growth pun tunjuk he's on the smaller side. tho small, tapi dah ada sharp increase in terms of weight, so tak la berapa alarming sangat.

dr kata, the main cause of everything is running nose. afiq dah ada signs of sinusitis. i'm not surprised when the dr said that as both me and husband ada sinus, so pretty much, blame the gene! dr prescribed us dengan mildest nasal spray and some syrup to improve their conditions.

so far, they are responding to the medication pretty well. no more struggles nak kasik makan ubat, as the syrup dose is pretty low and spray tuh kunun2 minyak wangi sebab botol dia macam EDT sket2. haha. anyway, i find this dr far better than my former paed that i decided to continue with him for my next child, insya Allah. he handled the kids well. takde unsur paksaan and knowing my kids who are afraid of strangers, they can really cope and communicate with this dr. so that's a plus point!

hopefully they'll recover really soon. sian lerr tgk air hidung meleleh2.

kay la readers, tuh jek update for today.

ps - 34 weeks and 6 days. dug dag dug dag.. takut. smalam dah mintak OH masukkan labour bag dalam kereta. just in case.

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