Friday, March 19, 2010

:: rajin mode : ON ::

yesterday, OH had his day off, and off we went to the dentist to get adib's filling done. seperti biasa, adib melalak satu klinik dengar. bila tanya kenapa nangis, dia cakap, "adib takut." ;p

anyway, i took the chance to stop by at the 'kedai borong untuk permainan kanak-kanak' in jalan raja laut. mmg ada niat nak carik some toys for the kids as pressie when i came back from hospital after delivery. this is one of the best advise that i've got from an acquaintance of mine, in order to help the elder to cope with the new sibling. apatah lagi dengan keadaan afiq yang jeles teramat.

after we're done with the dentist, went back to mom's and the kids pun fell asleep. the parents? lari pergi soho kl, nak try japanese buffet gourmet @ tenji. march ada promo - 49.90++ per person for lunch, and the food selection is huge. oyster lovers may find this place heaven, sbb plenty of oyster being served. me? ok la sebab i mmg not a fan of japanese food. so having buffet makes it easier for me to get a taste of the japanese food. :D but one thing for sure, we came home - BLOATED. haha. overstuffed ourselves with food surely.

i'm thinking of mengajak my OH to bring the kids to watch hot air baloon in pjaya. i'm sure the kids will love it, cumanya, laratkah?? my maid dah siap cakap tadi, "err dik, perutnya udah turun sangat! apa malam ini atau esok pagi nih bersalin??"

ntah lerr. yang pastinya, hari nih aku cukup rajin mengemas - satu simptom yang cukup familiar kalau aku nak deliver. toilet dah sparkling clean. (mak tau mak patut rest, but my eyes couldn't just accept the level of cleanliness in the bath. i took my time and carefully scrub it gently, and making sure that i didn't exert myself. my room at mak's place pun dah clear dari habuk dan sawang. i get my maid to sapu, mop and change the sheet. lepas tuh i've cleared the drawers that are full of 'stuffs' so i get more space to put my things. standing instruction pun dah bagi kat maid. kalau i beranak, please jemur tilam baby, his 'tudung saji' (ala netting yang kaver baby dari kena gigit nyamuk). baju baby pun dah basuh. barut baby pun dah basuh.. (owh, barut aku yang belum basuh!!) so basically, i'm now on waiting mode jek. getting ready to deliver, and this time, i'm putting myself on high alert. making sure that the baby kicks 10 times in two hours. i normally buat around 10 pm-ish sebab time tuh baby paling active. (darling lil baby, please don't tell me that u're a night person yeah?)

i'm thinking of putting up an entry on my delivery experience. nantila kalau i rajin i type. sebabnya, my delivery experience tak sama langsung for my first two pregnancies, so i don't really know what to expect this time round. hoping for a safe, smooth and less pain delivery definitely.

okay la peeps. can't wait to see the dr next week and hear what she's gonna say..


ayin1911 said...

u take care babe!!

semoga proses melahirkan berjalan lancar..

& aunty zaireen tunggu baby boy yg comel!!!


aishah zaharin said...

thank u so much aunt ayin. :)

Asiah Abd Jalil said...

Masa nak bersalinkan my fourth baby, I truly believed in my instinct. It was only week 36+, but I dah ada mild contraction. I terus pergi hospital and expressed my deep concern to my obstetrician.

Amazingly the doctor said, it is best to rely highly on mother's instinct. Sebab tu doctors advise mothers to count the baby's movement, kalau rasa movement tak cukup or tak strong enough, immediately go to the hospital, walaupun sekadar rasa was-was or hanyalah uneasy feelings.

Itulah hebatnya bond yang Allah ciptakan antara seorang ibu dan anaknya, even ketika anak masih dalam perut lagi. Seorang ibu boleh rasa if something goes wrong kat anak dia.

So I delivered my baby that night juga, walaupun baru week 36+. I did not dare to take any risk. Alhamdulillah, baby lahir sihat semuanya, though masuk incubator for several days. At least dia dilahirkan selamat. I tak boleh imagine, should I just ignore my bad instinct that day, takutnya kalau terjadi stillbirth.

I pray may Allah grant you a safe delivery, moga Allah lindung selalu. Can't wait to hear your experience! :-)

(p/s: I never miss any of your entry, since the past three years...)

aishah zaharin said...


having going through stillbirth experience really put me on my nerve. me too, truly believe in what you said, 'mother's instinct'. that was what really happened in the case of late amin. i had that terrible feeling something is not right when i look at the ultrasound screen.

i don't care what mode of delivery that i'll go through this time, be it normal or c-sect. janji anak selamat, mommy selamat.

insya Allah, i'll update on the experiences, sebab i rasa tu semua sebahagian daripada ilmu yang wajar kita kongsikan dengan bakal-bakal ibu yang lain.

thank you so much for following my entries, and the best part is, u are one true commentator, who always express your true feeling tanpa selindung. that's good! sometimes it slaps my face, but most of the time it makes me realize this is what we call life. keep on reading, and keep on commenting my entries, be it right or be it wrong.