Monday, March 22, 2010

:: kids & impulsive answers ::

:: Scene 1 ::

we have beeen trying to inculcate the notion of being independent to the kids once baby is out. i.e. tak boleh dukung lagi, kena belajar tidur sendiri, etc as we think they're big enough to understand the idea of having a little baby. little that we know, we are the one who are being surprised with their spontaneous answer.

atok : nanti, kalau baby dah kuar, afiq sama adib kena tido dengan atok. baby tido dengan mommy
adib : baby tido dengan atok.

(see how they manipulate the answer and try to get things their way?)

:: Scene 2 ::

it has been while since i share the stories of my nieces and nephews. (yeah, i 've got an additional niece and nephew already!). let me share you a story.

my second niece, or shall i say, anak buah yang paling banyak dapat attention from me - ATIQAH SOFIAH has turned 7 this year and has started her formal schooling. however, instead of going to a normal daily school, her parents decided to send her to an islamic school - ADNI, where she get to learn some basic arabic language.

my sister in law is in confinement at the moment. and we have a confinement lady that is so close to the family (she started to take care of my sis in law everytime confimenet since she gave birth to atiqah and i myself get her service too). she'll come to the house daily, every morning, to massage, tungku, bengkong, bath the baby, massage the baby etc.

this confinement lady or kak nurul, as we fondly call her, engaged a conversation with atiqah on one fine day.

kak nurul : atiqah, itik dalam bahasa arab kita panggil apa?
atiqah : duck-tun.

and seriously, that answer made me laugh hysterically. i mean, how can a 7 year old girl wo is sooooo innocent boleh jadi very spontaneous like that??

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