Friday, March 5, 2010

:: killing time ::

hoihhhhhhh.. sangapnye kena memerap kat rumah for 2 weeks, and it will continue for the next three weeks.. dah habis kering kontang idea apa nak buat kat rumah nih. nak buat housework tak boleh.. nak pegi shopping - RESTRICTED. nak pegi jejalan tak boleh drive. the 'outest' world that i could get is my homebound journey - melawati to ampang, twice a day - bosan hokay! nd dibosankan lagi dengan sang suami yang tak penah balik awal for teh past two weeks and daku dah berhenti mengharap bila dia nak balik awal. paling awal sampai umah pun 6.40pm. bayangkan seharian kat rumah with nothing to do, i can seriously go mad and insane!

today, i kill my time wth sleeping. yeah you read me right! SLEEPING. laptop on tapi gua terbongkang. lepas tuh, zohor then bersihkan the kids. when i say bersihkan, it involves earwaxing, lpeas tuh potong kuku. since kuku dah potongkan semalam, hari nih tinggal telinga saje. kalau masa babies dulu, i also did their hair trimming, tapi bila dah besar nih, hantar kedai saje.

i've packed up my labour bag, 90% siap. tinggal a few books and receiving blankie jek nak masukkan. apa lagik? owh, i still have one more thing in my to do list which is to sort out my kids' punya baju. i'm done with theirs untuk babies and 1 yr plus clothing, and we ended up with many, many bags! imagine everything times two, from mittens to booties to caps to shirts to tshirts, etc and i'm thinking to hand it over to others.

toys pun dah siap sort out. those 'babies' toys dah diasingkan, tinggal the one yang current sajek. i've to do that in order to know what is in hand and to avoid wastage.

novels pun ak dah tak larat nak baca. tv mmg bukan my interest. so please readers, any suggestion on how to kill time? :P

ps - owh, i so look forward for my next appointment with the dr. as that's the only time i can really enjoy 'fresh air' outside.. heh. and i miss my baking tremendously.

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