Thursday, May 29, 2008

:: refreshed! ::

i was on medical leave yesterday.. perhaps, i was so exhausted, that i really need a break.. dr was generous to give me a leave, and i slept half day through.. in the evening, my tukang urut datang umah, and had a wonderful urut session.. and i feel refreshed! ari nih bangun rasa segar jek.. :D

afiq and adib are doing well.. pretty active lately, with adib yang lately nih cukup suka menyakat afiq, sampai kawan tuh menangis.. hehe.. it's fun anyway..

hubby is away today.. gie pasir gudang.. tapi malam nih gak balik.. yeay!

nothing much to scribble actually.. i nak off to zzzzzz.. bubbye!

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