Wednesday, May 7, 2008

:: sleepy head.. ::

i'm all one sleepy head person this morning, despite the good sleep yesterday night.. ngantuk sangat².. luckily this morning, hubby is so kind to gimme a lift to office, so that i could catch a nap for couple of minutes.. kalau tak, lagi lalok..

afiq and adib has learned few new things lately.. afiq and adib has grabbed new ways of crying.. (hehe).. yesterday, adib has learned how to senyum ala² senyum simpul.. chomey gila bila tengok..

as usual, during morning rush, afiq and adib will also urged us to pick them up from the cot.. but alhamdulillah, they have learned to be patient, especially when we are about to perform our subuh prayers. both of them will popped their heads up and watch intensely for the mom n dad to finish the prayers before they would finally crack their cries out, asking to be picked up by us..
so parents, lesson learned : babies learn a lot.. so behave!! show good example to them!

lately, i found myself blog hopping from one blog to another, and i have became addicted to some good blog entries, which i felt is so honest, and straight from the heart.. :D

what else? actually, i'm stealing my working time to blog.. yup, it's not an honest thing to do, but hey, i'm extremely sleepy.. it's more or less 20 mins to 1.00 and i am trying to patiently wait for the clock to strike one, as i want to catch some nap.. ngantuk teramat nih!!

am stopping here now..

before i forget - pn mastura azmi : yep, it's confirmed that two lines appear during the test.. (u know what i mean..) and it's coming in, insya Allah end of the year.. erm.. why not mas berusaha sehabis baik so that we could book kak nurul together?? hahahahaha!! nampaknya azam tahun baru akak tahun depan : sesi menguruskan badan.. yiha!

kay all.. take care.. mmuahs!


mast@work said...

huhu.. nevermind la akak.. my turn will be soon.. but not too soon la.. ekeke.. let me enjoy a bit rite now.. hehehe.. afterall, i got another kampit of beras to shed off.. hahahaha

nanti bermula la balik rutin 40hari tu ye.. akaka.. disamping kekurangan tidor.. hahaha.. takpe.. mana tau turn mas tahun depan..

wah, kalo jumpa akak lagi lepas ni ken standby duit raya banyak nih!! hehe

aishah zaharin said...

hohoho.. tu la pasal.. kena kutip tol duit raya la lepas nih.. ;)