Sunday, May 18, 2008

:: infertility ::

afiq and adib dah tido well in their cots.. so, mommy has decided to claim her personal time to blog.. :D

weekends are full.. plenty of invitations (weddings, engagement) till mid of june.. erk.. tak pe la.. membina masjid..

i actually have been contemplating to share some personal experiences on infertility with all.. as i know, there are plenty of malaysian women out there ae facing this problem, be it first degree infertility or secondary infertility.. i'm neither a fertility specialist, nor a gynaechologist.. i'm simply a lady who was diagnosed with endometriosis and alhamdulillah, have successfully overcome the infertility problem.. i'm not a rich person like Tunku Azizah (TAFF founder).. but i would like to do my part, to lend hand and ears, as well as crying shoulders to those who are in the league..

i'll try to find time to write about it.. as infertility in complex.. so i' d prefer to put it light and easy, so that it is easily understood..

take good care readers.. bubbye!

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