Sunday, May 11, 2008

:: our weekend's story ::

it has been a while, since i last update my fs blog.. it's not because i have neglected this blog, but i'm facing problems to access my fs account.. (fs - kena block kat office, and i can't log in internet at mommy'ss place subab modem down.. and i only reach my place at 10.00 pm daily..)
a lot has happened recently.. and good news have coloured up our life.. making our beautiful happy life with afiq and adib even better! :D

today, hubby had a small gath at his uni mate's house in semarak.. they planned for a potluck party, that we decided to order from achik her delicious curry puff (shall i say, kurma puff.. sbb she used kurma pste instead of curry paste) and i whipped up some instant creme caramel for dessert.. it sounds so impressive, but hey, aishah can't fix herself in the kitchen with 2 babies to look after.. so that 'clever' aishah made the dessert simple by grabbing some instant creme caramel mix from the gorcery stores.. so to all amad's friends.. kira ok la kan?? ;)

afiq and adib has fallen asleep.. hubby is watching the football match intensely.. as today is the match of destiny for MU.. so, that's the reason why ihad the pc all by myself.. kalau tak sure kena mengalah, as he always has better reasons that mine to stay in front of the pc.. hehe..
guess that's all for now.. wanna join hubby to watch footie.. nih la nyer pun masa nak lepak 2-orang.. kalau tak surely busy handling the 2 boys.. kay all.. take care.. bye!

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