Friday, May 16, 2008

:: happy teacher's day ::

i came in to the office, with high spirits - aiming to complete my job by noon, and will only start blogging later in the evening.. but things don't turned out like the way i plan.. my colleague is out to the clinic and i have to wait for her to be back into the office before i could start off with my ppt and paperworks..

i tuned in to the radio this morning, and only then i realized that today is may 16th - teacher's day.. and all of sudden, i started remembering my buddies who're in education industry, and my teachers.. :D

i for sometimes, have been teacher's pet.. (or at least, self proclaimed) hehe.. i have a few teachers that are favourites.. i would like to share this with all..

when i was in my primary school - srk taman melawati.. my favourite teacher was cikgu roslina, cikgu zaitun and ustazah mahwiyah..

:: cikgu roslina ::
cikgu roslina was my class teacher when i was in year 3 (3 bakawali - klasik nama.. haha) i don't know why i love this teacher so much, but she's the kind yang very soft spoken.. tapi skali dia marah, watch out.. when i forgot to bring my money for recess time, she would hand me some coins for me to spend at the canteen.. i just love her so much, and perhaps that's the reason why i turned out to be the top student for both semester in row when i was with her..

:: cikgu zaitun ::
(if only jr read this.. haha) cikgu zaitun was my class teacher when i was in year 6.. she's the mother of a friend of mine, who always used my name for excuses - namely azhar aka jr! haha.. she's pretty strict, but i like the way she treated us.. she treated us like young adults.. i remember of having early start of my f1 studies despite its non of her responsibility to teach us.. (upsr ended pretty early at that time, that we ended up playing monopoly in the class all day long) i still keep in touch with her till i was in f4-f5, since jr trailed me to boarding school (or was it the other way round?)

:: ustazah mahwiyah ::
ustazah mahwiyah is one soft spoken teacher, who is rich with kisah-kisah nabi.. i love being in her class, listening to her stories.. she' very motherly, very soft spoken, and i believe she has the perfect quality of a teacher.. i wonder where she is now..

after completing my primary school, i moved on to sm taman melawati.. there's one or two teacher who managed to capture my short span focus when studying in class.. she is cikgu nor hafiza - my geography teacher when i was in f1 and cikgu jamaiyah, my bm teacher when i was in f3..

:: cikgu norhafiza ::
cikgu norhafiza was my geog teacher when i was in f1.. would u know why i liked her? she's super duper cute! haha.. cikgu yang chomey tapi baik hati.. but anyway, she managed to make me focus in class.. i can't recall when, but then she was transferred elsewhere.. i remember receiving a photo of her wedding from her, and i believe it's perfectly kept in on of my old albums..

:: cikgu jamaiyah ::
cikgu jamaiyah taught me bahasa melayu when i was in f3.. she was a bahasa melayu teacher cum motivator to us.. she lift our spirit high with her encouraging words, and made us strive only the best for ourselves.. if one asked me to name a teacher who can simply talk and motivate, i would vote for her!

pmr result was good, and i sadly (half heartedly) moved to a boarding school, in cheras.. sm sains selangor.. i agreed to go there, when i got to know that plenty of my friends are getting the same offer as well.. 2 years in that school, i was actively involve in school debate - owing to few seniors who spotted my talent (so called la).. bard, kak far to name a few.. my favourite teacher ever is cikgu suraya and mr tan..

:: cikgu suraya ::
cikgu suraya was young at that time.. she was my debate teacher.. i could talk to her as a friend, as well as a student.. she's more like a big sista to me.. she taught me history as well.. she was so skinny, and at this very moment, my eyes are projecting all her like a movie..

:: mr tan ::
my one and only favourite male teacher!!!!! hahahaha.. nak tau sgt kenapa he's in my fav list? because he always gave in to our request.. back in boarding school, english classses were conducted based on english proficiency level.. (kunun² terer english la nih) i was placed in shakespeare class along with my best buddies, suhaila, nadiah, jr, wee, method etc.. and he was always on the losing side when it comes to his student.. our requests to him was ridiculous.. i.e. we requested him to stay in the bilik 'pandang dengar' to watch movies during english period.. and the movies that we brought with are simply stupid movies.. we even requested him to bring us to zoo negara.. (apa pekdah nye gie zoo negara for english period?? to write para's on animal in english?? hey??) and he obliged! hehe

other than that, there're few other teachers that i believed worth write about.. these teachers are dedicated teachers, that has in a way mould my personality and life..

:: puan maimunah muda ::
see?? i still ingat her full name.. she was my teacher - my bahasa melayu teacher when i was in form 1.. she's a teacher in jubah and tudung labuh.. my class masa tuh semua melayu, and muslim.. and in that class almost all girls pakai tudung, except me, amani, syikin (who used to ring me before school, requesting me to wear pinnafore sbb takut pakai pinnafore sesorang..) and baytee.. so, during her class, she persistently asked me to wear hijab, and i for no reason masih tak terbukak hati untuk pakai tudung.. until one fine day, i went to school in july (i still remember).. i wore hijab for the very first time to school.. and she was sooooooo happy! sampai memuji2 dalam kelas..
after i went to boarding school i kinda loss contact with her.. until one fine day, a group of teachers dropped by at my boarding school.. these teachers are pursuing their studies to a higher level.. and to my surprise, one of them is pn maimunah.. i remember her hugging me so tight, and so warm.. like i'm her long lost daughter.. i feel guilty for not knowing her whereabouts, because maybe kalau dia tak persistent suruh aku pakai hijab, sampai bila pun aurat aku terdedah² untuk tatapan bukan muhrim!

:: puan tengku azuan ::
puan tengku was melawati's favourite headmistress, who hit the school with huge changes.. i didn't like her at first, but slowly admiring her for her determination to make the school a better place for everyone of us.. under her administration, a lot has changed, the school gets better, and the students are happier.. she took the challenge to tackle 'unwanted' classes, and turned the class to success.. she's now a flying colour teacher, and being recognized by the government for all her effort and hard work..

:: miss alice tan ::
hikhik.. my smss's buddy will definitely gelak when they read this name.. seriously, i have never met a teacher as dedicated as her, who could insist on extra classses on precious ssaturday from morning to noon, perghhhh!!!!! she was my biology teacher for 2 years straight, and she's very strict when it comes to time.. any teacher yang lambat release kan kitorang for her class even for 5 mins, dia akan curik balik masa tuh from that teacher.. nota dia jangan cakap.. panjang berjela.. kalau buku amali sains tuh, sampai 5-6 buah just to write her nota.. due to her willingness to teach us, gred purata biology was pretty good.. with average grade of c3.. (i won't revealed mine.. i selalu tertido dalam kelas dia..

:: mr ong bp ::
my add math teacher.. musuh ketat miss alice tan.. hehe.. selalu bawak virus mengantuk dalam kelas.. sbb bila dia masuk jek, aku mesti nghantuk.. not only me, but the whole class.. haha.. tapi heran.. orang lain ngantuk² pun score.. me?? secret.. i always copied my colleagues work.. malas lorr nak buat add.. i really hate add math.. he's a good teacher actually, it's only me who don't know how to appreciate him..

kay la.. panjang entry kali nih.. special dedication to all teachers..

to all peeps who're responsible to teach and dedicate - no matter what is your job title - teacher, cikgu, lao shi, lecturer, pensyarah etc.. HAPPY TEACHER'S DAY!!!!!!!!!!! keep up the good work..


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