Tuesday, May 27, 2008

:: plans plans plans.. ::

i'm having a sip of my 'almost everyday regime during pregnancy period' - soyabean.. erk.. it has been a while since i have my last drink, and if only abah knew about this, he'll keep on bugging me to 'indulge' in soya bean drinks.. but anyway, soya bean taste much better than milk.. i don't take milk during my pregnancy, because i just simply can't take it.. i normally take some yoghurt and cheese as my alternative calcium source..

last weekend, i had 2 wedding invitations, and they're both cousins.. one is from my side in johor, and another is from my husband near our house.. after much deliberation, we decided to attend hubby's cousin wedding.. as i at this moment can't really travel that far.. but anyway, insya Allah, this weekend we'll head back to seremban as another cousin is hosting his wedding reception.. a day after my 5th wedding anniversary..

my wedding anniversary is coming up in few days time.. :D and am looking forward for it.. last year this time, i was pregnant with afiq and adib at 22 wks.. and this year round, :D i'm expecting as well, and it's now 11 weeks.. it is still a long journey, and i would love to put my mind off for a moment on the aftermath of delivery.. hehe..

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i haven't got the idea of what to give him this year round.. i would love to make it a special one, as he has sacrifice his sleep a lot lately to help me out with the boys, as well as sacrificing his time to study when his assessment is so near..

yesterday, we had a special dinner at my in laws house, welcoming the newly weds (note - there are 2 couples).. a tradition of people in terengganu, kalau ada org baru kawen visit u at home, normally akan ada special gift for the bride.. hehe.. not the groom.. i, myself masa kawen dulu was rich with gifts.. not hubby.. hehe.. so yesterday, kitorang pun amalkan la tradition tuh giving a crystal bracelet to each bride.. hope they're happy with it.. :D

hrm, apa lagik yek nak tulis.. ha.. smalam petang hujan kan lebat.. my mom's in law punya place masuk air, and yet her house is on the hill ok? it's either the rain was so heavy that the drain can't cope with or the drain was clogged somewhere due to either sedimentation or irresponsible act of greedy people.. whatever it is, the local authorities should take prompt action to alleviate this problem..

guess that's all for now.. take care all.. bubbye!


Ahmad Rizal A Rahman said...

nice entry.. tq 4 acknowledging my lack of sleep.... hehe..

aishah zaharin said...

yep, i know.. i appreciate it so much, as i am the one who is unable to wake up during wee hours.. :D