Thursday, May 22, 2008

:: jiwang part 1 ::

hah! MAN U menang lagik.. and malam tadi terbangun juga la sbb dgr hubby dok jerit kat luar.. tu pun i believe he has controlled himself, as the boys were sleeping.. (read: my hubby is a footie fanatic, and what more could u asked if your favourite team is in the finale?)

that's my hubby.. he could talked to me, telling me stories all about football.. daripada i tak tau, jadi tau.. daripada tak follow, jadi follow.. that's him.. how he influenced me in my life..

hari nih, my entry - karat jiwang karat sikit.. i feel very complete with him around me.. through out my happy moments, as well as through out my darkest moment.. whether things go right, or go wrong..

yep, we have our own ups and downs.. like my ex dorm mate said to me - life is ain't a bed of roses! yep, we have our arguements, i've been hurt at times, and he is not spared either.. but when things aren't going smooth.. i normally, reflect back.. (i don't tell him, anyway.. hehe) i don't think i could find any other husband that is as good as he is.. he may not be perfect, but i'm not perfect either..

he is one husband, who's willing to walk the extra mile to assist me out.. some hubby can just simply come home, cross their legs and relax while sipping coffee.. but he's not that kind.. he would help me out with the boys, (despite having maids around).. he would wake up in the wee hours (i can't open up my eyes.. especially now, when i'm carrying at 10 weeks) taking care of the two boys, even if the boys alternately wake up..

our 5th wedding anniversary is coming up next week.. last year, this time, i was heavy carrying afiq and adib at 5 months (i looked like delivering already.. so huge!) and this year round, we're expecting an addition, adik to afiq and adib, insya Allah at the end of the year.. this year, takde plan lagik.. nak gie makan kat mana.. normally we all will head to our fav restaurant - either VS or chilli's.. there's another one fine italian restaurant kat bangsar - tapi leceh sket gie sana.. so just wait n see, what is his plan..

i haven't got the idea on what to give him this year.. he requested something that i definitely can't give, bbut i'll just 'google' it up later, mana la tau ada nasib.. hahahahahaha.. he last year, almost send me to tears, with a bouquet of roses and choccy send thru florist.. owh, i juts love surprises.. hehe..

to my dear husband - wait till our anniversary for a more jiwang karat entry.. ;D

and i'f like to quote my cyber's friend..

True love does not come by finding the perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly - sherifah

i love this quote, and i think it should be shared with others - whether u're in love, facing probs in love, seeking for love, etc..

ok yek.. till then.. bubbye!

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mast@work said...

wah, happy anniversary akak.. semoga berkekalan hingga akhir hayat..

btw.. bila akak sebut chilli's rasa cam terliurrr je.. hahaha