Monday, May 12, 2008

:: hip hip hoorey for MAN U! ::

lupa nak cerita something.. hubby went off to kota bharu, to attend his cousin's wedding.. and since kota bharu is extremely famous for its cheap hijab, i requested him to get me hijabs, light brown and marroon in colour.. and when he came home, he came with 3 pieces of hijab.. thank you dear..

yesterday, we had a late night.. watching footie ManU vs Wigan on ESPN.. afiq and adib plak malam tadi woke us up at 4.00am nak main.. ya Allah.. pastuh menangis² mengigau.. sampaikan both of us had to take each one of them and put them to sleep in our arms.. kena peluk dulu si afiq n adib baru tido.. saba jek anak²ku ini.. and that was at 5.00am.. hahaha.. mommy only had +- 4hours of sleep.. huhu.. ngantuks pagi tadi, and terpaksa langgar pantang larang - minum coffee.. ngantuk weh.. camana nak drive gi opis..

kay la uolz.. i nk blog off dah.. take care.. zai jian!

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