Wednesday, May 7, 2008

:: sharlinie ::

while waiting for hubby, i as usual hit my favourite blog page - looking for what's new to try in the kitchen.. this time round, when i visited his blog, i set my eyes on the picture that he paste on the left panel of his blog - a sweet little girl by the name of sharlinie.. it suddenly struck my mind.. where's she??

i can't imagine the ordeal that the family has to face.. it's pretty unthinkable of any human being dare to do this kind of thing to such an innocent girl..

kalau la the kidnapper tu read my blog (which i think one in a trillion chances) - i beg u - PULANGKANLAH SHARLINIE KEPADA KELUARGANYA.. janganlah diulangi tragedi arwah adik Nurin Jazlin..

Ya Allah, ya Tuhanku..
Kau lembutkanlah hati insan yang mengambil sharlinie,
Agar terbuka hatinya untuk memulangkan kembali anak gadis itu ke pangkuan keluarganya..
Pulangkanlah Sharlinie dalam keadaan terbaik kepada keluarganya..
Ya Allah, ya Tuhanku..
Kau peliharalah keselamatan adik Sharlinie,
Di mana jua dia berada..
Ya Allah, ya Tuhanku,
Kau permudahkanlah urusan untuk mencari adik Sharlinie,
Kurniakanlah petunjuk kepada kami..
Ya Allah, ya Tuhanku,
Kau kurniakanlah kekuatan kepada keluarga Sharlinie,
Untuk menerima segala ketentuanMu..

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