Monday, May 5, 2008

:: afiq and adib's weekend ::

afiq and adib is getting more active days by days.. afiq has succeeded in pulling himself up by grabbig the sofa, or whatever that he could grab.. adib belum lagi..

both of them dah tumbuh gigi.. afiq dah ada 4 batang, so do adib.. afiq tumbuh gigi dulu.. then baru adib.. tapi adib yang bestnya kuar gigi ekspress.. all four kuar dekat2 jek time dia.. hehe.. chomey sunggus skang ada 4 batang gigi.. sweet..

nowadays, afiq n adib tamau dah makan blend2.. dah boring kot.. they seem to enjoy food with more texture.. now mommy dah start fenin pikir menu depa especially during weekend.. ye la.. babies are like us too.. makan mende sama jek sure boring.. so last saturday, i cooked them some vege soup - sarat ngan carrot, potato, celery, broccolli, tauhu and ada sket ikan bilis.. this time round, ok plak dia makan.. sunday tukau sikit menu, tambah bits of chicken bagi tukar sket rasa.. nampak cam ok gak..

i forgot to share this story with you all.. when were attending hubby's family day in kuantan, afiq n adib belasah buffet cukup2.. adib punya taste bud is so mat salleh that he finished 2 buns yang dicicah dengan cream of chicken.. anak yang aku sorang nih, nampaknya turun perangai mommy nih..

since afiq and adib enjoy the pool so much, yesterday we decided to allow both of them to have a dip in the pool that hubby redeem from his cc points.. and as usual, afiq and adib main sampai si afiq's face turned blue sbb sejuk.. hehe.. and the result following that, good, long night sleep.. haha.. now i know camana nak kasi penat.. hehe..

guess that's all for now.. for those who have been wishing me, thank you so much.. yep, it's a shocking news! hehe.. guess, i'll be on long long leave again at the end of the year.. yihaaa! (selamat tak yah gie kursus kat jepun for 5 weeks).. hope everything will go on well with no hiccups.. pray for my health.. ok?


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