Friday, October 31, 2008

:: ptk, oh ptk ::

i'm not really in a good mood today, despite having good sleep yesterday night.. something bugging my head and my heart, but it's pretty hard for me to say it out loud.. that's a huge change in me, after i got married.. from a head tempered person, who always blast her anger out, to someone who kept things to herself, unless she can't take it anymore.. perhaps, getting married, learning to give and take has given me the chance to learn how to increase my patience level in dealing things..

2 weeks time - PTK.. for those who are not aware of what PTK is, it is an assessment (read:exam) that any civil servant has to sit in assessing the competency level.. manage to get the syllabus yesterday, and i feel like fainting.. the topics to be read are seriously BANYAK GILA.. that i don't know will i have time to complete at least half of the chapter to enable me to pass with flying colours.. with my condition now, i'm taking it easy.. as on the exam day, i'll be in my 35-36 weeks.. anytime for labour.. (takpe tempat exam tuh sebelah hospital jek.. if hubby tak dapat nak pick me up due to his work commitment skali pun, insya Allah, there'll be bunch of people there to send me to the labour room)

so far at this particular moment, i believe that my baby is still in breech posistion.. i still feel free (tak rasa sesak nafas or whatever, except for pain in the lower abdomen).. and i still can tunduk² while writing on my desk without having me to stretch out my hands to pick things up.. even the tummy looks wide.. so, guess i'm right.. if Allah has decided that c-sect is the best for baby and me, i'll take it with redha.. and if Allah has destined me to go through normal labour, i pray that i'll be brave to wave through the challenges and pain to deliver my precious baby.. whatever the mode is, i pray for the best and safety for both me and baby.. aminn..

as for afiq and adib, alhamdulillah, they have grown up to 2 cute toddlers, each with their own distinct characters.. dah tau berebut, dah tau jealous, all that makes my life even more beautiful..

afiq has become so interested in keys, that he managed to shove lil' keys into pad lock.. (i now wonder how long will the stair gates last at my house, since he's very passionate in learning how to open pad locks! should have paste the pic to let u witness his skills..) recently, dia kena gigit nyamuk banyak gila, that when i asked him 'mana gatal?' he'll point his hand out..

adib on the other hand, has started to learn how to kick ball.. dengan jalan ala² angin lintang, he'll kick the ball that is lying on the floor.. have started few words, though it's not too clear.. love to hear azan (so do afiq) that they will put one of their hand at their ears (macam bilal tengah azan).. hoping that they'll grow up as seorang muslim yang sempurna iman, amal, takwa and amalnya to Allah the Al-Mighty.. amin..

as for our third unborn child.. he's now pretty active in mommy's tummy.. i can see my baju bergerak² kena tendang (not only baju, sometimes afiq's hand as well, when afiq fall asleep on my lap).. we haven't arrive at a name yet.. but there're few that has caught my attention.. recently, i've seen a trend of giving names like adam, danish, danial, aisy, etc.. insya Allah, i'll try to avoid those names.. sbb ramai sgt nama tuh.. but above all, i'll make sure that name brings good meaning as it is a doa from parents.. so far, the scan says it's going to be another birdie.. tapi kalau nanti tetiba keluar girl, then, i have to open back the books and baca nama girls pulak..

okay la.. i'm ending my entry now.. enjoy reading.. hope my mood will be better soon..

now putting on my thinking cap : nk pegi ke dak san francisco pizza this noon? yummy, yummy pasta..


emi said...

mesti menarik kan experience pregnant ni..rasa baby tendang2..penah tgk gmbr,kat perut mummy nyer ada tapak kaki cute..huhuhu

aishah zaharin said...

mmg menarik experience dia.. (time sait kureng sket aa)

huhu.. reza nak pindah.. tak sedih ke?