Friday, October 17, 2008

:: anticipated : boring weekend ::

am not looking forward for upcoming weekend..

reason being :
will be left alone with the boys at my mom's place coz husband will be away in ukraine tonight till upcoming saturday..

outcome :

1. have to stay at my mom's place for the whole week.. have to pack and repack my stuffs..
2. unable to attend aiman's birthday bash, which i've been looking forward to..
3. no special weekend outing..
4. lonely birthday celebration.. huhu.. tak bestnya..

hm.. hopefully this would be the last outstation thingy that he needs to do for this year.. since my due date is getting nearer, and i'm afraid of being in the labour room alone without him.. aiyoo.. manyak takut oo..

have plenty of jamuan raya at other division in the office this week.. but i've attended none.. coz, i'm just too lazy to walk... it's pretty far, and i'll definitely get tired..

have i told u that i'm a fan of TARA (the amazing race asia)? i didn't get the chance to enjoy the show for two weeks in row already (not even the replay for last week's!) smalam, afiq meragam.. i guess he misses his 'nenek' aka my mommy's maid who went back for a month and a half holiday, attending his son's wedding.. yang kelakarnya, my mom's maid pun nangis², called my mom's place for 3 times already, and she can't sleep for a night coz he misses my afiq.. hopefully, afiq will overcome his cembengness fast.. sian sangat tengok..

anyway, i've been guilty for not wishing my best buddies on time for their birthdays.. and i'd like to make it up for them..

nadiah, yaya and nana dearie..

HAPPY 28th BIRTHDAY! sorry for i lewat wish.. there shouldn't be any reason for being late.. sorry sesangat.. hope u girls had a blast!

and to my friends, who'll be celebrating their birthday in coming days, adzra, ajax, shawn, who else?? err.....

happy birthday in advance!

ps: october mmg selalu cam gini.. happening.. ramai sgt among my good friends yang lahir in oct.. :D

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