Monday, October 20, 2008

:: raya feast at the office ::

had a busy but wonderful day in office today.. it's a yearly raya feast program, where all staff would gather and have good time accompanied by good food.. i believe in this kind of get together program, as it's a way to break the barrier between the profesionals and the supporting staffs..

main food - catered.. nasi minyak, ayam kuzi, daging rendang, dalca and mee rebus, to name a few.. but, my division is well known for it's generous-ness in hosting a feast.. others chip in by sponsoring/bringing it great home made food.. we had roasted lamb with mint sauce, tapai pulut, sate, ketupat sotong, laksa penang, choccy cake, carrot cake, triffle, cocktails, imported lemang from kijal, rendang, naked macaroni, curry puff, pecal, rojak buah.. phew i hope i didn't miss anything! the outcome - full to the brim, that i can hardly walk and talk.. haha..

but despite the crowd, i at times feel lonely.. sobsob.. still missing someone dearly who's in a faraway land.. saturday seems too far..

i'll wait for my colleague to upload the raya pics.. and insya Allah will post up the happy faces in the next entry..

btw, i'm feeling heavier as days past by.. and i'm frequenting the toilet pretty much.. is that a sign to labour????????? baby, baby, please wait for daddy to come home, okay?


Mlle Linie said...

erh hang in there along! btw, happy bday.. :)

aishah zaharin said...

thanx ninie..