Monday, October 13, 2008

:: a hectic weekend ::

it was sucha tiring but happening weekend.. plenty of openhouse invitations, etc..

we were supposed to be at afiq hassan's house on saturday evening, and yes we have started our journey, but we ended up being in ikea instead of afiq's house.. all due to extra heavy rain.. we patah balik masa dah sampai kota damansara, and we were trapped in heavy traffic due to flood kat sunway damansara.. adeh.. both afiq and adib dah mengamuk² dalam keta cakap 'mamam, mamam' - means they want to eat.. so we decided to stop at ikea, bought some food that i think they can eat, but ended up in mommy's and daddy's mouth coz they were distracted with the kiddies area.. saba jek la..

then on sunday, together with my parents in law, we attended my FIL's office raya gath, held in saloma's bistro, jalan ampang.. being afraid that my sons will go cranky, i make sure they had their lunch before my PIL fetc us up at home.. afiq especially enjoyed the lunch so much (they love kurma to bits, that mommy has to learn how to cook one, as mommy is not a fan of kurma).. manage to cook their 3 days food supply (so that my mom is at her free mind not to think of what to cook for my sons) - kurma daging, chinese fried rice (my sons love nasi goreng) and nasi ayam (simple version with soup).. lepas jek masak, rushed to feed afiq and get the maid to feed adib sbb adib mangun lambat sket from his morning nap.. while i siap² and manage to be ready before PIL sampai.. (talking about time management - i've been extremely excellent yesterday)..

head for saloma's bistro.. can't really enjoy the food, sbb adib macam not in good mood.. thought we could leave early, but then, due to FIL's work commitment, he needs to wait for the arrival of Tengku Mahkota Pahang.. we only pushed off from saloma at half past 3.. adib selamat tido, and afiq fell asleep in the car on my lappie.. sampai umah, terus rush solat zohor + asar.. dapat plak sms dari my old best buddy, lela nak dtg umah beraya.. rushed down to cook something for her.. masak simple jek, macaroni goreng sbb barang semua dah almost siap di prepare oleh maid.. i baru jek tumis bawang, lela pun sampai.. makan2 lepak2 borak2 with lela since the boys still tido (flattened out i guess) for 3 hours! they only woke up at half past 6..

directly after maghrib, head to my mom's, as she told me that dia dah masak mee kari.. MIL plak masak nasi dagang.. since tadi ptg dah ngan PIL, we went to my mom's and had curry mee, while hubby lepas tuh tapau nasi dagang later from MIL.. (selamat duit makan for monday.. hehe).. fater the scrumptious dinner, we head home at around 10pm, and i by then dah lalok2 sambil sakit badan.. hubby dengan baik hati urut my back, yeay and then went to sleep.. what a day!

today rasa macam malas gila nak pegi ofis, since most probably hubby won't be around next weekend.. (i still hope the kapal delays, so that he don't need to be away sbb hubby's visa dah nak expire) kalau delay lagi, (i should be able to know by today or tomorrow), bley lerr pegi bday party aiman (mas's son).. hehe..

okay all, ari nih i hope i could start my revision, as i'll be having an important exam early next month.. i've to start early since i'm afraid that my body can't take the stress.. hope i'll pass with flying colours so that i don't need to resit the paper.. :D

kay yea.. take care all.. TTFN!


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