Thursday, October 23, 2008

tagged by cuz - izzah

tagged by cousin, izzah aka ija

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1. used to be underweighed.. 39kg at the age 23? haha.. seriously like olive, bini popeye.. now, i think i'm being 'overwhelmed with weight'.. haha..
2. i don't really do sugar in my food especially when it comes to cook lauk, etc.. coz i'm watching closely my sugar intake.. but somehow rather i can't resist desserts.. :D
3. coffeeholic.. i'm a coffee lover to bits! best time to indulge a cuppa for me - when it's raining and chilly, while sitting by the window.. feeling habis.. pergh!
4. i'm afraid of normal labour.. i need some motivation people!
5. i could be very blunt at times, but trust me, i have some soft spot in my heart.. ;)
6. i've never got any saman in my life.. haha.. talking about pemanduan berhemah! hehe, or shall i say, i know how to get my way out? saman utm tak kira ok..
7. i like to cook, but i don't like to kemas the aftermath.. but till now, i don't know how to fix a great sambal and delicious asam pedas!

and now,i am tagging :
1. mastura
2. aweng
3. sheri
4. ana
5. adzra
6. LG
7. last but not least, the lucky no. 7 is hubby!


.:: stripes & polkadots ::. said...

kak aishah part coffee tuh..smbl layan light and easy punye kan???nak2 sblm hujan tu ade org potong rumput..lagi layan!!! scenery kene hijau byk la..pastu ade bunge sket2..bestkan???

aishah zaharin said...

hehe.. nana mmg memahami perasaan! hehe

izzahismail said...

being one of the last sibling,
we don't have to cook,but we have to kemas.huuhuhu.tak best.

thanks for taking part ;)

aishah zaharin said...

ija - that's one of the best part being a big sista.. hehehehe

Asiah Abd Jalil said...

Kak Aishah, memang proses bersalin secara normal memerlukan motivasi yang tinggi. Especially if start from the beginning we are being given all the choices yang mudah, e.g. epidural, C-section, maka mind kita akan terus fikir jalan keluar untuk elakkan the labor pain. Sakit bersalin memang sangat sakit, sebab tu pahalanya hebat tak terkira. That is one of my motivation. Kalau epidural or caesarean, kita tak rasa sakit. Actually sakit melahirkan anak could develop a great bond between a mother and her child through out the child's life, a bond which hardly could be described. Sebab tu kalau tengok drama, bila anak tu kurang ajar, skrip biasa dengar ialah, "Mak susah payah mengandungkan kau, sakit perit melahirkan kau..."

Saya appreciate sakit bersalin very much. Sebab tu saya tak pernah serik. The doctor did come and offer to get epidural, but I always told him, I want everything comes natural. And ada sesetengah doctors suka offer untuk caesarean, mudah kerja dia. That's why right from the first visit, I would firmly tell the doctor, unless I dah dekat-dekat nak mati or baby is in danger, only then baru caesarean.

Good luck untuk Kak Aishah. Kita orang perempuan ni special... selemah-lemah kita berbanding kaum lelaki, Allah tetap taqdirkan orang perempuan yang tanggung sakit mengandung dan bersalin. Besar hikmahnya tu!

aishah zaharin said...

dear asiah,

thanx for your motivation.. but never underestimate the pain that some mothers go through by c-sect.. sometimes, it is not a decision that me made, but rather a better option for the sake of the safety of mom and baby..

the method of delivery is not a big issue to me.. as Allah has destined us to go through certain things certain ways.. every single that has and will happened is a gift from Him, which He thinks is the best for us..

the most important is the way we bring up the children, to become a better muslim, in every aspect of life.. for that will be queried at the end of the day..

it's just my 2 cents dear.. no offense.. but i respect the courage of all and any mothers go through the challenges in delivering regardless the method..