Friday, October 10, 2008

:: from a fuzzy mind & 'almost well' body ::

my mind is wandering around.. my body is in the office, but my mind, my soul - elsewhere.. i've been pretty lazy in the office lately.. perhaps, raya mood, medical leave, long annual leave has resulted in this laziness of mine..

anyway, i'm thinking of what to do tomorrow, since hubby will be around in KL.. (alhamdulillah, his meeting in turkmenistan is postponed and he need not to attend the meeting - meaning : we could spend time together.. sbb kalau tak he'll be away for dingdongdingdong 10 days from home since lepas tuh kena continue pegi ukraine.. lega.. i can't imagine myself handling two boys for that long alone..) i want to cook something nice in MY OWN KITCHEN but at the same time, i want to go out with the boys and the man of the house.. i definitely can't do both, as my energy is pretty limited, and i'm getting heavier.. moving around and heavy works are not my mantra anymore.. i guess we're into simple cuisine this weekend which the boys and the man love a lot - cantonese fried noodles..

next, my office will be hosting a raya party.. as usual kena bawak something to eat.. my normal/requested dishes were normally shepherd pie.. but i'm just too lazy to do that this year, that i might just offer myself to make triffle.. senang kelije.. since i most probably have to prepare the dishes at mommy's place, i would very much want to avoid the oven, as the oven hari tuh dah hangitkan my cheese topping masa buat lasagna..

have plenty of openhouse invitations.. three coming up this weekend - papa's office invitation - this year round they host it in saloma's, afiq hassan's in shah alam and kak nurul's in pjaya..) i've got the date mixed up, have to rely on hubby to make necessary arrangement (macam cancel jek plan masak nih).. most probably have to turn down mastura's invitation to her son's first birthday party (bersalah sangat and rugi sangat rasa) as hubby maybe takde at that time..

lupa nak cerita.. yesterday we went out to look for the boys' new rides.. balik² jek dah half past seven.. normally they dah doze off.. but yesterday, upon seeing their new rides, they both get too excited, that they play with their toys till we settle our isyak.. haha.. changed their cloth 4 times just for the nights - peluh, basah, air liur meleleh (adib is drooling a lot.. gigi dia banyak gila nak kuar.. more than 5 i think at one go!) got the pics, tapi lupa pulak nak bawak memory card nak upload.. cute gila..

before ending, i've an announcemment to make.. big day coming up in 11 days.. somebody is getting older.. huhu.. but she will probably has to celebrate only with her kids around.. huhu.. sedey.. most probably there won't be any nice dinner out like last year.. last year siap double celebration lagi, lunchy munchy with hubby, dinner sponsored by father in law.. tata 27, welcome 28.. erk.. 28.. takpe.. takpe.. masih angka 2 kat depan.. ;) since he'll be missing 'her' birthday this year, he must definitely make it up kan? kan? kan? ngehngeh.. :D

TTFN! zai jian!


Mlle Linie said...

hehe dah tua.. hehe dah tua..

:) saje boring gak!

aishah zaharin said...

mana de tua.. i still look young.. ngehngeh