Thursday, October 9, 2008

:: on medical leave ::

feeling not so good lately.. am on medical leave for two days already.. yesterday dengan selamba badak mintak MC, ari nih hubby advise to rest at home.. pagi tadi pun terlajak subuh.. yesterday dah dapat one round of massage, feels better, but does not last long.. perhaps salah sendiri semalam masa tido, posture badan tak berapa betul.. huhu..

had my monthly A&C yesterday as usual, and dr kata my baby is in breech position.. melintang.. he asked my delivery preferences.. bravely i said, 'if i can do normal, normal la..' huhu.. :D tapi bils dah scan kata breech, dia pun kata kalau breech tak bley buat apa la.. kena c-ect jugak..i actually tak kisah sgt method of delivery, as long as my baby and i are safe..

anyway, later that evening, me n hubby went to jusco to look for a ride for my boys.. but the choices were so limited, that we decided to look at another shop.. i was pretty hungry yesterday evening, so we headed to kopitiam.. had curry me with orange yoghurt smoothie, (i had to resist my temptation to indulge in the classic kopi o) and hubby had his normal toast and cham.. the food was fine, but i think they should step up their services quality, cause it was damn slow (i finished a bowl of curry mee and yet the toast tak sampai lagi atas table)..

what else.. owh, i tried this fish spa thingy yesterday.. haha.. i shrieked out the moment i dipped my feet in.. serious geli.. (read : i mmg tak tahan org geli my kaki, so imagine small fishes biting your feet).. i almost gave up, tapi mengenangkan duit dah bayo, so i proceed.. and to my amusement, i love it at the end of the session.. my skin feels so much better.. and i'm coming back for more! hehe.. masa tgh enjoy the spa thing, i met a long lost friend, whom i knew by the name of fauziah aka gee.. she was my classmate for a short period, before we were separated.. i can't really remember bila i satu kelas ngan dia.. i almost didn't recognize her, since she had long (read - very long) hair before.. and yes, she looks much prettier yesterday, that i thought i was looking at a model.. :D

made some triffle today for hubby to bring to his office sbb ada potluck.. alhamdulillah, my first trial went out well.. took the recipe from chef hanieliza.. it was easy, fool proof and worth a try.. i alter it a bit to my liking.. adib love it so much.. :D

apa lagi ek nak share.. takde dah rasanya.. take good care all.. watch what u eat! ;)

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