Wednesday, October 29, 2008

:: stupid jokes in the middle of the night ::

chat with my husband this morning on the way to work.. we're not one typical couple who goes mushy-mushy, but rather gila-gila and crack stupid jokes.. that's us, when we're on our own.. just being ourselves.. i believe it's rather hard to believe that this is the way we communicate..

so i asked him, what shall i blog today? and he replied 'yesterday jokes'

so this is his yesterday jokes..

it was at night, after we put both afiq and adib to sleep.. (afiq and adib skang nak manja² dulu with mommy baru tido..)

hubby : yang, how do you spell hubby?

me : (blank)

hubby : i spell hubby this way - h-a-b-i

me : (sakit ati ni) oo okay.. i don't spell it that way.. i eja h-u-b-b-y.. sbb i takut i tersalah spell jadi ba-alif-ba-ya..

hubby : kurang asam! tak pe.. u know if i tersilap eja wife apa jadik? it would be w-i-f-i.. wi-fi..

me : cheh!

hubby : well at least, i didn't spell it this way w-i-v-e-s..

me : hey!! (kena debik sebijik)

and until now i wonder - apa motif laki aku tanya camana aku eja hubby? dia dah takde modal la tuh nak mengenakan aku!

well, anyway, those stupid jokes la yang make our life more colourful.. at least takde la dia tuh soul-less.. though sometimes we both could be hopelessly romantic!

kay dear, this one is for you!


shafa said...

sometimes in our life..
xleh serius sgt...
mmg nk kene gurau senda...
br bahagia..

aishah zaharin said...

shafa - true!