Monday, October 6, 2008

:: raya entry ::

i was about to update my settigs today when i suddenly realized that i've entered my 100th entry in this blog.. wah, very the very productive! yeay!

so anyway, i hope it's still not too late to wish everyone salam eid mubarrak.. and maaf zahir batin.. i've just returned back from kampung visiting my grandmom aka wan in negeri sembilan last friday..

my raya journey started on the last day of Ramadhan.. we pushed off back to n9 on tuesday, after subuh prayer, with the hope that the boys will be asleep in the car, as it's still early.. but i guess, the boys are too smart that they could smell the flowers along the journey.. they decided to wake up pretty early that day, and stayed awake throughout the journey! but then, since we started the journey pretty early, it was a smooth one despite the berebut-ness between the boys to sit on mommy's lap in the car.. arrived in n9 at around 8.30am, and i get the boys to bath and have their cereal for brekkie..

i don't know why, but almost every year, i'll have this syndrome.. on the very the last day of fasting, i'll feel extra tried and extra tak larat.. as early as 9.30 am, my hands are shaking, tahan lapar.. but then since it was the last day of Ramadhan, i kuatkan iman and semangat to continue fasting, and alhamdulillah, i manage to complete my fast! hehe.. so tahun nih 30 days of puasa! yeay! (i don't want to add any more days to jumlah puasa yang tak habis ganti tahun lepas)

we had a short tahlil session before bukak pose.. afiq and adib behaved so well, that the tahlil was not disturbed by them.. bagus anak mommy (actually they enjoyed ayat² quran so much, that i would recommend to all new mommies to put ayat² quran on play from day 1 they were born..)

first day raya was a simple occassion.. for the first time ever, after 9 years (as per uncle's memory) mom's family were all there to celebrate raya together.. FULL HOUSE! we had family photo session, but both me and hubby didn't get to go anywhere - thanx to afiq and adib.. they put on baju melayu this year, but it didn't last long.. by noon dah merengek², guess it was too hot for them though mommy had tried her best to look for comfy material for them to wear.. we're all in yellow this year..

second day raya was spent at my dad's side.. managed to visit 3 houses, before adib decided to go cranky and fell asleep.. it was so hot, that i myself can't take it.. gave afiq a bath in the noon, and he decided to stay put in the water and doesn't want to come out! sekejap jek kat dad's side, by half past three, my dad dah ajak balik my mom's side coz he himself can't take the heat.. we head back to my mom's side (which is 20-30 mins driving) and spent the night there..

third day raya - we were supposed to head back to kl early in the morning, as per initial plan since hubby needs to pack up for ukraine, but alhamdulillah, his trip (again) was cancelled and he'll only need to be there by mid month (which probably means he'll miss my 28th birthday).. only head back to kl after asar, (sbbnya we didn't want to miss the ikan bakar and all the seafood) haha.. yummy!

simple, brief raya - but enjoyable though i fell sick on raya eve.. diserang viral fever, and till date tak 100% baik pun.. afiq and adib still belum berjalan, but adib has stepped up a lil' bit further from afiq.. guess they enjoyed crawling more than walking since lagi laju and they can kejar² each other.. bila la agaknya nak dapat kaki kan?

guess that's all on raya entry.. enjoy my 101th entry! take care, and watch your diet closely!

p/s : i loss weight.. don't know whether the scale is faulty or it's a fact?

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