Thursday, October 30, 2008

:: ramblings from a distracted mind ::

i was pretty unoccupied with work yesterday at the office.. i manage to browse thru some recipe, which i find interesting to try, fruti pizza, since my 2 active boys are so much into fruits.. it looks so yummy yet very healthy.. (am learning from my boys to eat healthier!)

as mentioned before, i'm sending my boys to my in laws' house at the moment since my parents are away in shanghai.. to my amaze, they're enjoying themselves more than i thought! perhaps, the presence of their older cousins especially biggie adam ariff has bring lotsa cheers in their life.. they seem so hyper, eat a lot and yes, mengigau a lot too at night! (that one i tak suka) i feel happy to see them that way, but i think it's pretty impossible to send them to my in laws for a long run, since i need to have at least 2 maids to look after them.. (handling 2 boys yang tengah jalan² ala² angin lintang can be pretty handful!)

i'll be having an important exam in 2 weeks time.. i still have inches of notes to read but less stamina to stay awake at nights to do so.. camana ek?

owh, anyway, lately, i've started to crave lots of things.. which i'm very much trying to curb, as i've been putting few kgs here n there.. (it's not that i'm on diet while pregnant, it's just that i'm trying to watch what i eat, as what i crave are things that are full of fats and high in sugar e.g. ice cream and creamy pastas!) huhu.. my appetite is balooning, and seems that no amount of food could satisfy my hunger.. that is a sign of unnecessary eating, isn't it? (plus i takut tak leh shed off the weight.. i have nos of friends who're still struggling to return to their pre-pregnancy weight) i'm so lucky that i have twin after my first delivery that i managed to shed 19 out of 20 kgs that i've gained.. plus my 'mak bidan' who looks after me during my confinement period is doing pretty good job.. (tuh, my personal opinion la)i follow the pantang larang pretty well (though i at times, behind my mom's back but with hubby's consent had bites of cheese burgers and cupcakes since i'm tired of having the same rice with lauk org bersalin..)

hmm.. dahla kot sampai sini.. anyway, i'm coming into terms that i'll be losing my staff and a colleague (ayuni and reza) pretty soon.. they'll be transfered to the states of their option.. huhu.. but it's okay.. it's for their own goodness and happiness.. i wish both of them the very best of luck in their future.. they're nice people to work with, and after this makin kurang la org kat opis nih yang boleh berhuha huha sama.. huhu..

kay all.. blogging off now.. take care.. da!


emi said...

ada org nak g jauh..sedih2..hihihi

Laflybee said...

aishah..cemana leh turun byk kilo lepas deliver?
ana turun sikit sgt..drp 75kg turun 67 je. sblm pregnant 56kg..huaa..da try macam2 da..

aishah zaharin said...

emi - cian.. tu la.. ala, hantar jek team ke perak.. balik aa si reza tuh ke kl.. :D

ana - masa pantang baby first dulu, sha kontrol gila makan nasi.. (plus masa tuh bulan pose) pastu mak pulak masak lauk sama jek, sampai naik jemu nak makan.. last2 tak lalu terus nak makan nasi.. tuh yang turun ok.. hopefully kali nih successful la..