Tuesday, October 14, 2008

:: of nothing and everything ::

sleepy head - i am..

afiq and adib didn't sleep well last night.. constantly woke up throughout the nights.. i'm not sure what's the problem.. pretty sure adib was having his colic night yesterday.. while afiq - perhaps, he just played too much in the days that he kept on mengigau last night..

hubby don't feel well.. he sent me off to office, and returned home to visit the dr.. good luck to your dear, in your quest for 'the golden seal'.. but i believe, he's in need of a good rest.. he has gone through sucha hectic month last ramadhan..

i'm due for grocery shopping.. and i have to stock up on fruits especially.. afiq and adib love fruits so so much.. yesterday afiq belasah 3 biji strawberry at one go, and crying for more.. tapi dah habis.. sian dia.. papaya pun dah habis, so do pisang.. so, kena la cari more and more fruits.. (teringat masa afiq kemaruk makan cherries.. he just can't stop!)

next week ada raya feast in the office.. have to bring some triffle for the party.. i can't afford to bake any pie this year.. next year, maybe..

kay readers.. hope u enjoy this short, brief entry.. have a good day.. salam..


Mlle Linie said...

wahh!! they eat more fruits than me! mesti kulit lawa dah besar nanti... heheh

Mlle Linie said...

hari2 blog tak kelija ke??? (jeles)

aishah zaharin said...

huh, it's not that takde keje, procastinating namenye.. LOL.. seriously, i'm no where like before - workaholic like nobody's business.. :D

yeah ninie, they eat fruits more than i eat as well.. guess, they're teaching me on how to lead a better and healthier life ahead.. :D