Monday, October 6, 2008

:: seriously bored ::

seriously, i'm bored at the office.. have nothing to do, yet still need to be in the office.. how nice would it be if i could just slip off back to home sweet home and cuddled up with my two boys.. (adib has been sleeping with me for the past two nights, and afiq has left his cot for quite sometime, and he seems to enjoy the borderless matress on the floor so much) it's raining pretty heavily outside and i do feel my eyelids are getting heavier as time passed by by.. (yet, time for punch out is still a long way to go!)

big things coming up this month, next month and a month after.. bro is getting engaged with a malacan girl this month, have an exam to sit the next month and new addition to the family coming up the month after.. pretty exciting (but i do hope the R&D people could speed up their research and find a solution to a painless labour.. hehe.. seriously TAKUT! they have more or less 2 and half months to go to find a solution - should the baby decide to follow the date precisely)..

still, i'm pretty worried about my future.. hubby is unsure yet on his contract status for the on going project.. i do hope he'll return back to his line department rather than continue being in the project team.. as if he continues, that means, we have to live apart (really apart okay, bukannye setakat within m'sia) for the next two years, which i believe and foresee tough life ahead raising up 3 young boys all by own.. until he come home and tell me straight at my face that he'll return to his line baru la hati i senang..

what else nak story, this time raya, i didn't make any cookies or whatsoever.. i have no time for it.. but still kuih raya belambak2 kat rumah, thanc to the hampers, mom, grandmom and ever trusted friend suraya for her lovely kuih.. i definitely recommend her crispy almond cornflake cookies.. seriously, delicious!

clock is ticking so slowly.. i can't wait to get home! argh!

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