Tuesday, October 28, 2008

:: penat.. ::

hai everyone.. entries in october seems to be a little bit slower than previous month.. i've been busy here and there (but get nothing done!~that annoys me!)guess, i've to sit in the corner and re-think my strategies so that more could be done as i'm nearing my due date pretty soon..

hubby is back from ukraine after a week long work.. he touched down safely in kl last saturday.. picked him up with the boys at kl sentral (i only have few inches of spacing between my tummy and steering.. so kalau lepas nih dia kena outstation lagi, i don't think i can drive anymore..) have cooked some chicken rice on saturday (read : not that i'm so rajin, but actually trying to be efficient in my housework.. masak satu je and everyone can eat that!) after cooking and lunch, the boys went off for their nap, and the mommy pun amik kesempatan to sleep, and the mommy slept longer than the boys! haha.. talking about overwork!

on sunday, i had an invitation from my BFF : salhana to her open house in putrajaya.. but i can't make it.. instead, i had to go to the hospital visiting my friends (read with s) yang baru bersalin.. it was an old friend of mine - lynn and hubby's friend - faisal.. both dapat baby boy.. it was sucha nice feeling cuddling up the new born baby.. lynn's baby is so handsome and adorable.. ada cheek mole lagi.. cute! izzul - that is what she called her baby.. hmm.. shared their experiences of delivery, and that made my bulu roma stand! haha.. :D (my boss yang anak 9 pun cuak setiap kali bersalin, inikan pulak i yang baru nak masuk2 kali masuk labour room) so far, i believe that my baby still melintang, and i'm approaching week 33.. kalau tak pusing jugak then, i have to go for scheduled c-sect.. kalau schedule c-sect, i'll try to get the day of jumaat sebab hari tu adalah penghulu segala hari for muslims.. (i delivered the boys on friday as well, plus hubby could have long weekend with me in the ward, and save up his annual leave)

today, i have to send my boys to my in laws.. as my parents are away.. the boys seem 'blank' this morning seeing themselves being chauffered to in laws place.. guess they will be having a long day today without naps, sbb ramai friends.. (my nieces and nephew will be there as well).. it's gonna be full house today.. hoping that the boys will behave.. kesian pulak kat my in laws nak handle 5 kids in the house.. :D

kay la.. stop dulu kat sini.. to my dearest hubby, thanx foe the birthday pressie.. :D

take care all.. zai jian!


mast@work said...

book hari gitu.. best2.. saya pun jumaat juga.. itu secara tidak sengaja.. save cuti harris.. kui kui kui..

nurhareza said...

nak la tau.. dpt present apa dr hubby akak.. (nyebok je kan..)

aishah zaharin said...

mas - masa afiq adib dulu pun kebetulan.. air ketuban pecah hari rabu, tapi sbb akak on antibiotic + nak kasik the boys punye lung mature (reduce risk), c-sect delay sampai jumaat.. sampai tak solat jumaat hubby, abah n my brothers..

reza - adala.. (malu) hehe.. handbag.. takde bau kedai ke kat opis ari nih?

emi said...

wah,bestnyer dpt hadiah..bau kedai spi kat opis sy la kak aishah hihihi..ada org cibuk je nak tau :p

aishah zaharin said...

emi - kalau tak sakat reza satu hari tak sah ek? 'mesra' betul!

nurhareza said...
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nurhareza said...

emi-ala..bkn kuar duit pun nk cibuk2 ni kan kak aishah..