Sunday, October 19, 2008

:: a lonely week begins ::

my lonely week begins yesterday night.. hubby is off to ukraine for on whole week due to work commitment..

sent him off to kl sentral yesterday night with my bro n mom, as well as afiq and adib.. adib behaved so well.. but afiq, turned extremely cranky after we dropped hubby off.. he cried all the way long from kl sentral back to my mom's place.. and fell asleep while crying with no milk sambil kena dukung ngan mommy.. luckily, he slept thru the night well.. :D

will head to the kitchen today to make some triffle for tomorrow's pot luck and plans to cook some cantonese fried kuey teow as my boys love it so much.. hopfully i'll be well enough to cook, as i have started to feel the pain here and there.. erk.. but still, i plan to bring my boys out.. perhaps to go to the bakery supply shop to grab some piping bags and nozzle.. hehe..

yesterday mom asked me whether i've started packing my 'labour bag'? have i started to pack my new born baby's clothing? i was like.. errr not yet.. partially done.. thanks mom for reminding.. (last time i delivered my babies at 32 turning 33 weeks, and i am now in my 31 weeks of pregnancy).. saba baby saba.. hopefully he'll come out on time, rather than too early.. (u have to be very strong if u delivered a preemie.. )

kay all.. take care..

ps : dear, i miss u..

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