Friday, October 9, 2009

:: again. ::

i just woke up from a short nap during this 2.5 hrs long break lunch. feeling much better, after being pretty dizzy under the tent with lotsa people.

i haven't got any plan for the weekend yet. have a shadow or two perhaps, on where to bring the boys to enjoy themselves. maybe a ride to the museum and just let the boys enjoy looking at the train models that looks pretty much like the characters in thomas the tank engine. menengokkan bebudak punya reaction, teringin sangat rasa nak bawak bebudak tuh pegi Thomas Land - Drayton Manor .. (ke mak budak yang melebey²? haha) but there're too many things to be considered before it can be materialized.

anyway, it's less than 2 weeks from my 29th birthday. and yeah, he's missing my birthday this year, AGAIN! boring hokay! time bday dia siap amek leave lagi, time akunyer birthday, dia boleh pi russia, after promising monthssssss before that he'll be around for my birthday! sabar jek la. so it's gonna be my 3rd birthday in a row of somber celebration. so i decided that, if he can't be back in time for my birthday this year round, no celebration for me at all.

some people say, sabar la suami mencari rezeki. yes, i firmly believe in that, but i believe for someone who never ask something out of this world from his husband, i deserve to be remembered on this one special day of mine. (ngee perasan!) i believe in balance in life (though i myself tak balance when it come to social, as i can hardly remember the last time i had coffee with my best buddy!)

merajuk? tak de lah.. terasa hati? ada la sket.. tapi will it change the fact that he has to work? no kan? guess i'm getting immuned to it that i don't want to bother about it anymore.

okay la.. melalut pulak membebel ari nih. take care all. muahs!


Anonymous said...

hi there! Monina here, thanx 4 leaving me the note. I x know u read my blog,too. I love reading yours, (sometimes only woman/mothers understand how we feel, huh). Anyway, I cried many times reading about late Amin. Like u said, he's in better place now. Hope u have a safe pregnancy 4 this one. Really respect your strength handling d whole thing (including d twin!) without the OH mostly. Be patient, Allah will repay ur kindness. In the meantime, maybe dpt special present from Russia? :) Btw, I dah tukar blog to wordpress very recently.

aishah zaharin said...

hai monina!
thank you for your doa and prayers. i'll update the new link. nice knowing you, and i just lovveeee ur ramblings!