Tuesday, October 27, 2009

:: i owe it to SAL n DIN ::

despite being hurt, i still have to blog about my meaningful 29th birthday.

i was really frustrated with OH on that day, as he promised me months ahead to be around on that meaningful day of mine (knowingly that he'll be in russia for work on regular basis), but at the end of the day, i just have to accept that his commitment to work is far more important than my birthday, which could be celebrated as said before - anytime of the year.

but syukur for having BFFs who have been together with me for past years who made the effort to surprise me on this meaningful day of mine.

it started with a pre-arranged lunch date with my old buddy, salhana who happened to be @ pwtc for a conference. we decided to meet up at SR, the mall for lunch.

night before, i happened to read zaidin's status update, saying that he'll be flying to KL for a meeting. tried to contact him to get him to join us but to no avail.

so lunch went on as usual, with no expectation at all, but just good laughs and chats with sal. she requested me to wait for her driver to fetch her up and she'll later send me to office.

punya la baik minah nih berlakon, it didn't cross my mind that they're making a ploy to surprise me. habis lunch segala, we waited at the lobby, and tetiba, "SURPRISE!" zaidin buat muka lawak nyanyi lagu birthday.

it was a brief meeting between the three of us, but it definitely made my day. they put smiles on my face when i'm at my darkest point of life.

habis jek jumpa, gelak², life turns back to reality.

but to sal and din, thank you for making that 1 hr 30 mins meeting so beautiful. and thanx untuk anak monyet dan oenyu itu juga. (anak² aku dok main menda tuh kat umah)

ps - i did receive a bouquet of flower sebagai 'pengganti diri'. samakah perasaannya??


Farha said...

salam aishah... happy birthday again. glad that you had fun with your friends.. i understand lah that you are still sad being away from your hubby.. maybe not so much as him being away on your birthday, tapi maybe more because you have to juggle so much on your own with little ones without him around. dah nak buat camana kan? tak lama lagi balik lah tu.. enjoy the flowers and nanti dia balik boleh celebrate cukup-cukup :)

undomesticwifey said...

go go Sal and Din..theheheheh..

Moga dimurahkan rezeki, dan aku doakan insyaAllah tahun depan korang bleh celebrate together gether gituh...