Wednesday, October 21, 2009

:: my birthday wishlist ::

.my birthday wishlist.

1. a piece of time from him for me.
2. a piece of happiness from him for me.
3. a piece of respect from him to me.
4. a piece of appreciation from him to me.

i don't ask much.

i can't get the above from stores.

that's all i want.

but what i want is too expensive to get.

that he can't afford to give me one.



WAK said...

kalo x dpt skrg,mungkin 1 hr nanti.InsyaAllah...Yg mahal tu mmg susah nak dapat.Agaknyalah.. :)

Dan Cinta Terbang Lagi said...

Dear Sha,
Life can be really really sad at times and it s*****
Remembering the good times might heal.
Afterall, whoever that Allah SWT spares us
Indeed the best..
We human usually see the 'other' side is greener
Sabar and doa
For a betterment in life k
Jaga diri!

Kak Hani @ Somethin' Light

Adnazthie said...

Salam Aishah,
Cheer up yourself..Allah sentiasa ada.