Monday, October 12, 2009

:: my weekend summary ::

it has been a busy but lonely weekend.

saturday was not so bad, but sunday.. duh!

:: saturday ::
we started our morning by looking for breakfast. i decided to 'tapau-ed' (if there's such word!) nasi kerabu for me and nasi lemak for the boys. after finishing breakfast, we then proceed to my aunty's house with mom and maid and the boys to return the carpet that we borrowed during my bro's wedding in june. (gosh! we live so near yet we took a dear four months to return it! memalukan!)

we later head to JJ to look for headsets that are very much needed for my bro's CC. (untung jadi dia, ramai betul runner while he's holidaying! sabar hokay!)

lepas dah settle, we allow the boys to have some fun time at the small playland, while i run away for 20 mins to buy the groceries. (i don't have anyone else that can do the errands for me.. kalau tak kang ada jek yang cakap aku nih tak buat keje.. aite?)

mom was so generous that day that she sponsored our lunch @ delifrance. lepas makan² and stuff, we then head home, finding the boys falling asleep at the back of the seat.

i got my me-time for a while. a very much needed time. anyway, i dished up the simple cantonese fried kuey teow for me and the boys to enjoy for dinner. (at 6.00pm) . an early dinner i had, hehe, lepas tuh malam lapar. nak masak lagi malas. the boys tak tido lagi. i then hangkut my maid and the boys naik kereta pegi kemansah coz i was craving for that SLOPPY burger. burger kat situ sangat sedap! they didn't put any cucumber slices (which is good!) and they replace it with a thin slice of green apple (which is awesome!). it's pricier than any other places, but for that level of goodness, i don't mind it at all! jauh tuh, dari melawati drive pergi kemansah just to get that sloppy burger! ;)u can refer to this site for reviews.

abah returned home from his golf trip and later head to CC with mom, leaving me and the boys at home. i don't know what time mom and dad balik rumah that night, as i have fallen asleep with the boys.

:: sunday ::
we had a very light breakfast today. yesterday evening before dishing up the noodles, i made some frozen popiah for my dear sons. adib especially really loves popiah and has requested me to make some.

mom went to CC pretty early today. noon. so can imagine how sangap i was on sunday? mom kalau dah pegi CC alamatnya sampai malam la. yeap, my parents - both mom and dad are workaholic, but i at times do wish they do take some time off and just lay back and rest. have good time, enjoy. but i guess, it's just their lifestyles that they're so accustomed to. (tapi gene itu tidak ada dalam diriku.. :))

we didn't go anywhere, but by evening, i'm running out of patience. i went out leaving my kids behind for a good half an hour (i can't leave them too long as someone will accuse me of not being responsible bla bla bla). went out to JJ and get some books taht i've been looking for weeks, some donuts that are requested by my dear boys and later return home. it feels much better, and i then picked my boys up for a short ride by going to kedai mamak and get our weekly roti supply.

i was hoping that my kids will sleep early, but i guess it just don't work out. initially, i thought of putting them to sleep first and later prepare for their monday's lunch and my bekal to office. tapi nampak gayanya, bersilat la bersama² mereka di dapur. made some soup for them to eat with noodles, sebab today they had rice already. (plus afiq macam terliur masa tengok i makan maggi that evening.. terpaksa makan maggi. lapar sangat and bekalan roti masa tuh dah habis!)

dah settle masak segala, baru la hangkut bebudak 2 orang itu masuk bilik and put them to sleep.

:: today ::
bangun pagi tadi rasa macam nak MC saje.. dah berapa hari dah nih, migrain keeps on coming back. adoi!! petang nanti kena pulak singgap workshop, plat no. patah and wiper dah teruk teramat that it can't wipe off rain drops. esok nak kena keja kat klang, and i'm planning to drive the smaller car as i have to send it for a wash.

that's life for temporary single mother, and to my dear OH, pardon me for being sakit hati bila tengok gambar u santai² petang ahad, when i have to juggle with tonnes of things! there're no rules saying that if i'm bored u have to be bored too. but i was hoping for comforting words and courage and not bombarding me with remarks!

sorry la readers. entry agak emo. memang writer tengah emo. hormon org mengandung kan haywire..


mast@work said...

ingatkan saya sorang je emosi terganggu.. hehe

aishah zaharin said...

akak baca gak entry mas.

kalau akak jadi mas, akak pun hangin.

9W2KNH said...

fuh!!! plat keta patah sampai migrain nasib la aku pakai wira buruk kalau pakai estima mau sakit jantung kalau plat patah...

aishah zaharin said...

kamarul - yang patah tuh keta lama la. tak caya cuba tgk kat parking.

Jue Fauzi said...


p.s. yeah..sakit hati do come every now and then..

aishah zaharin said...

tu la pasal. grr!