Monday, October 19, 2009


mula² aku kena faham, birthday is not something that have to be celebrated on the day itself. it can de done anytime of the year. so, what's the purpose of having your birthdate?

then, i have to understand that postponing for a week to be back in KL after 3 weeks abroad is something that can't be changed. itupun tau sebab aku bukak email. kalau aku tak bukak email?? maunye aku tercongok macam org bangang tunggu org balik lagi seminggu kat KL sentral.

tell me, what else aku kena paham?????????????

ke aku yang benak nak mampos sampai susah nak paham?????????


Jue Fauzi said...

"ke aku yang benak nak mampos sampai susah nak paham???"

i am feeling it rite now..huhuhu.different issues tapi make me feel exactly like yours.

aishah zaharin said...

jue -
have read your entry, and i share the same notion!

to me, after such sacrifices, and i' talking about HUGE sacrifices, i was expecting a better understanding from the other party. i just couldn't take it anymore being the giver.

bengkak jek rasa hati, mcmn mata tuh bengkak. tapi kalau pk balik, rasa bodoh sangat nak bengang ngan org yang tak rasa benda tuh harus dibengangkan.

so i think, i'm just going to move on and make myself happy rather than dwell on issues that he don't even bother.

am totally tired dealing with this. am giving up!

~ shac ~ said...

huh agreed sis! x guna pikir in too deep nih.. bukan leh mengubah apa² pown~ diri sendiri je yg sakit.. might as well pkir yg besh² je + u're carying and it's not good for the jr..

Adnazthie said...

Salam Sis,
SABAR itu separuhnya IMAN