Monday, October 19, 2009

:: simple weekend ::

it was a simple sunday yesterday, with me giving turns to the boys to go out as they took their noon nap at different times. it's extremely easier to take one out at a time, rather than both, giving the opportunity to both mommy and son to bond. kalau bawak dua² skali keluar, u can imagine la kan dia punya chaos?hehe.

so anyway, bukan la bawak pegi jalan mana pun. i went out to carrefour as supplies are runinng low. diapers, lauk, biscuits, 'calcium sources', etc. so i took afiq out first as adib was asleep. it took me almost an hour to get it done. banyak rupanya barang umah dah habis aku tak perasan.

after i was done with my shopping, we went back. i was expecting adib to be awake, but to my surprise, he's still asleep. sejuk la pasta yang i beli untuk adib.

afiq and adib later enjoyed the magic colour that i bought for them. being afiq, he's one kind of person yang tak suka tangan or any parts of his body that is visible to his eyes kotor. dah namanya main magic colour kan, sah²la kotor. punya la dia mengamuk sakan sebab bila basuh tak hilang. last² pujuk dia suruh tido dulu and said that i'll clean it up later. adib pulak jenis mat macho yang tak kisah pun kotor ke apa. dia lagi conteng kaki dia. adehhh!

after putting afiq to sleep, i then perform my prayers. after asr, i took adib out. memula balik umah seniri dulu as i need to get my ultrasound report as i'll be having my yearly breast check up this friday. it took me a good deal of 0.5hr to find it as OH pegi tukar initial tempat i simpan the report. itupun setelah berhempas pulas menelefon tak angkat².

after i managed to get the report, bawak pulak adib pegi giant. beli barang nak buat pisang goreng and i promised him some ice cream. yesterday evening was pretty warm, so i thought it's good to give them a treat. (mak dia yang lebih sebenarnya, teringin nak makan ice cream crunch).

try jugak buat pisang goreng ikut resepi yang i amek dari akak consultant tuh. tapi masa tuh i don't really remember the ratio so the batter turned out to be pretty hard, or other wise, the taste would be awesome! it was a recipe that she got from a cooking class in thailand. the batter guna santan, so agak berlemak gitu. but it was very nice. :)

okay la. hari nih i'm supposed to pack my things up at the office as we're moving out to a new place. berhabuk kejap la kejap lagi.

take care all. salam!

ps : to my commentators on my previous post, thank you so much for your kind words tho i did shed few tears when i read it. hope it'll get better soon.

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