Thursday, October 1, 2009

:: tak sihat pulak rasa ::

i don't feel good today. starting to get runny nose and sore throat. rasanya ke klinik la petang nih. nasib baik OH ada, so he could drive me to office while i catch a nap throughout the ride.

it has been busy for the past few days. only last night did i manage to sleep early. monday night - ada dinner function at KL convention centre. it was a family affair that can't be missed. tuesday night - 3 family came over to my house for raya. so kena masak² sket. tengkiu to mr prego and miss campbell for being around. :)

mula² ingat nak masak sket malam nih for OH's potluck raya party at office. tapi dengan badan yang suam² sihat plus ketiadaan microwave di office OH untuk me-reheat food yang sepatutnya dibawa, he shift his plan totally, resorting in his aunty to dish up some simple finger food. :)

i am supposed to post up my new dishes in the other blog. hope i could find time to do so. the recipes tuh i gather from different sources - books and 'chat over food' during raya with my aunty. :)

okay la all. i'm gonna take my time transferring my file from my external drive to this new pc (puas hati skrin 19". senang aku nak draw catchment and buat river modelling. 1 terrabyte plak tuh. kalau tak terer gak memang nak kena lempang sekali). and it's time to cari penyapu to manage back all the files.

okay. bye!

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