Wednesday, March 25, 2009

:: 10 years of courting ::

it was supposed to be yesterday's entry, but it didn't cross my mind to write about it yesterday.

anyway, TOH is now on his way to a far, faraway land. will only return home coming sunday.

and yeah, this entry is pretty much about him, on how we become one.

i've known my other half for ages. and when i say ages, i really mean ages. we were in the same school back in the yesteryears. but it has never crossed my mind, that i'll be marrying him. in fact, he was the crush to one of my colleague back in school. ye lerr, ketua pengawas la katakan. mesti ada peminat right?

anyway, it's not only me who have known him for ages. my parents too. as his dad and my dad were in the same office before. we live in the same residential areas since kiddie, we went to the same school, not to mention went for holidays together with the families. first one was in 1995, just after my pmr result was announced, and the second was in 2002, when we were courting (pre-honeymoon, muahahaha) before i graduated from my first degree study.

so, why is it with yesterday bla.. bla.. bla.. yesterday was actually the day he proposed to me to become his special girlfriend (ehem) 10 years ago. (blush) there was no special occasion, no flowers, no fancy dinner. it was a simple outing, after final exam back in utm. (owh yeah, he was my senior too in utm. and we owe a lot too to his mom who in a way has made this relationship possible). we were in his car, and he was sending me back to college after a simple dinner that he popped the question. i never answer it though, but i know the smile on my face has told him what is in my heart. (auw.. karat yeah)

that was 10 years ago. 4 years later we tied the knot. and 4 years later we were blessed with adorable, handsome twin boys. and a year later, another boy, but we lost him hours before his delivery. 10 years rolling, 10 years of ups and downs, 10 years of sweet and bitter memories, 10 years getting stronger than ever. hand in hand we walk together. hand in hand we brave the wave. hand in hand we stroll smelling the flowers. hand in hand we strive for the moon. in each others arm, we love each other even more than ever.

i didn't say we were smooth sailor in our love journey. but the rocky roads have made us appreciate each other better.

i believe in love. and i do believe in honesty. and i do believe that love is all about sharing and caring. sharing the best and the ugliest side of u.

abang dearest,

happy 10 years courting anniversary! and i'd love to see more years to come.

part of me is you, and part of u is me. it takes two to make one complete.

ich lie bi dich. wo ai ni.


ps : kepada yang allergy dengan entry jiwang karat, sila jangan muntah darah ye. (owh, i should've put a warning earlier kan?)


hailmi said...

so jiwang karat..tak slh pun,husband sendiri kan..

En Hatta said...

Tahniah,hopefully, there will be "20 years of courting.."entry.

:: kay dora :: said...

owh sha... yes! cerita ni mengingatkan kay kpd zaman2 kita di utm. "hubbies" kita pun 1 batch di utm skudai (in fact sekelas, kan?) dan kita pun 1 batch jugak di utm, dan yg lebih manis, kita pernah duduk serumah!! kay tahu benar dgn kisah cintanmu itueww muaahahahaha! semoga kalian berdua terus kekal bahagia bersama-sama anak2 dan cucu2 yg menambahkan lagi kebahagian kalian!!

sheri said...

so sweet :).. hehe..

aishah zaharin said...

hailmi - sgt betul!

en hatta - insya Allah. in fact i am hoping for infinity..

kay - nih teman jiwang seangkatan nih.. haha.. kay nak sha bukak cerita pakai helmet tapi cakap hp ke? sha ingat lagik yek.. :D

sheri - tq

Qaseh said...

happy anniversary 10 years..wah..lama tuh perkenalan.. semoga bahgia selamanua..amin

mast@work said...

fewwiittt, lama tu.. sekejap je masa berlalu.. rasa macam baru2 aje lagi kenal kak aishah n abg amat masa nak ke pendang kedah dulu

nurhareza said...

uwaa.. tersentuh kalbu la.. hi3
bertuah husband akak.. semoga berkekalan hingga ke akhir hayat..
p/s: xde ke org nak wat apa yg kak aishah wat hr ni ek.. (sorry.. wat cam blog sendirik lak..)

aishah zaharin said...

qaseh - nice meeting u too.
mas - lama kan? macam baru jek..
reza - soklan tuh ditujukan kepada your SM ke?

niza said...

so sweet...
semoga kekal bahagia selamanya...

p/s:xpernah lak terserempak ngan aisyah masa dating ngan cik abg kt utm dulu ek...hehe

aishah zaharin said...


kitorang pandai kaverline. :D

ayin1911 said...

congratulations dear...

Tahniah for the 10 years bersama..
wishing you all the best for more and more years to come.. :)

aishah zaharin said...

ayin - tq.. aku teringat kat ko suruh aku dengar lagu mneghitung hari by kris dayanti. masa tuh, abg rizal takde kat mesia for 2 weeks. :D