Friday, March 6, 2009

:: msia tetap best ::

told the other half that i'd blog about this experience that we encountered at the check in counter in sydney airport.

for first timer in blog, let me introduce myself. i'm a mother to twin boys. so i, at times travel with my double stroller to chauffeur my boys around.

in kl, we were allowed to push the stroller up to in front of the plane's door, before we hand it over to the crews for check in. how beautiful msia is.

but what happened in sydney was the other way round. they allow for single strollers to be pushed up to front door, but not double strollers. so, we have to check in pur strollers at the oversize luggage counter and carry our boys around.

so, bila dah kena check in gitu, sah² la haku tak dapat collect my strollers depan flight masa turun kan? kena la amik kat oversize luggage counter gak masa turun kat klia. so, can u imagine bejalan dr island terminal to main terminal with no strollers, while carrying babies, as well as hand luggage? (though hakikatnya hand luggage aku family members yang angkut. nasib baik ada family members ye) mana rational dia tak bagi pakai double stroller?

hangin satu badan makcik okay! udah la check in process took more than one hour! yeah blink hard, it took us more than an hour! settle around 5 mins before departure. katanya, they can't find my son's name dalam booking. tapi yang carrier ada. laki aku cakap they asked him, 'why you're not in the same booking no?' laki aku dalam hati kata 'your hardship in checking us in is not my concern'. tapi sebab dia mulut manis, dia cakap ;there was a change of plan'. bab tuh panjang sket cerita nya. but anyway, bayangkan betapa kelam kabutnya kitorang nak masuk dalam flight. mananya nak clear imigration sydney yang super duper strict. hangin gila badan! belum lagi sampai time aku masuk plane pastu tgk instead of dapat dua bassinet, aku dapat satu jek, walaupun dah clearly book ahead of time. perhaps, org yang buat ticketing tak clear yang aku nih bawak twins despite being told that i need two bassinets, and they're supposed to know well the arrangement of bassinet seats dalam flight. nasib baik la, stewardess kat situ buat damage control, carikan four seats in a row yang kosong so that i could let my boys lie down if they fell asleep.

frankly speaking, this is the worst check in process + procedures that i've encountered through out my travelling experience. agaknya la kan, kalau parents ngan triplets, yang push stroller ada tiga seats, travelling only with parents and the triplets, camana agaknya mak bapak dia nak handle kalau tak bagi push stroller? anyone in aviation who can explain this rational to me?

sesungguhnya, malaysia masih no. 1 dalam hatiku. they perhaps can learn from us as well.

luahan hati manusia yang penah dok obersea tapi masih rasa msia best.


hailmi said...

ish3..punya la terukkan..kdg2 kita krg bersyukur (t'msk la sy)..nmpk negara org sgt la best..kita pegi sana,rasa ddk sana br kita tau bape best nyer msia kan..

aishah zaharin said...

sgt setuju. two thumbs up for msia!

ayin1911 said...

true capt..
in sooo many wayss..m'sia mmg best..
not just because all d hujan batu whatsoever..
it is a fact..even agreed by org luar yg pnah dtg msia..
ramai yg pnah dtg msia tanye aku..
knape kja kt doha..msia kn best..
(aku sengihh je...)
believe or not..a few ade tanye cmane nk dpt msian passport..
baik foods sampailah tempat2 kt msia & d infrastructures..
cume kadang2 ORG2 msia je yg agak disappointing skit..
oppss..terkomen byk plakk..sowwy..

aishah zaharin said...

ayin - sgt fahammmmm apa yang kau rasa. there're things that i feel msia is far better of.