Monday, March 30, 2009

:: monday blues ::

TOH arrived safely yesterday evening after a long 33.5hrs journey that includes triple transit before heading back to KL. tu la nasib kan kalau projek tuh kat tempat jin bertendang jauh sangat.

since TOH was away during the weekend, the responsibility to entertain the boys fall on mommy's shoulder solely. my boys nih macam dah tau hari. kalau tengok mommy dia ada jek kat rumah, they'll know it's weekend, and when it's weekend, it's at a least a day out for them. i was not too keen to bring them to out door park, afraid that they'll outrun me. so, i decided to chauffeur them to MV and put mommy's calorie intake to good use let them burn their calories at Megakiz. :P

on sunday, after sucha looooooooong time, i finally basuh kereta sendiri. yeah, all these whiles, it's hubby who look after the car, but then since last week pun tarak basuh, i have to wash jugak la the car. mak aihh.. it was none stop - first grocery shopping (i siap tunggu JJ bukak lagik okay dengan my boys and my maid), then car washing, then nasi ayam cooking, then put the boys to sleep, then lap balik kereta sebab dah basah kena hujan (punya la nak tunjuk kereta tuh bersih kat suami terchenta), then hubby picking (boleh pakai ke term nih?) kat KL sentral, then dinner, then IL visiting, pergh! panjang teramat aktiviti yesterday!

i haven't come up with any solid plan for my husband's coming birthday. i'm actually running out of ideas on pressies. tgk la macamana.

okay la all. i nak jenguk² apa la cerita my mins of meeting tak keluar² lagi dari bilik boss for approval. take care. zai jian!

ps : aku dilanda monday blues..


Ahmad Rizal A Rahman said...

Thanks for the delicious, stupendous, magnifique', marvellous, mouth-watering nasik ayam... 5 days never see rice...
and thanks for the suami picking also...

aishah zaharin said...

lucky u kan?