Wednesday, March 18, 2009

:: blogger tegar ::

internet kat opis, a lil bit haywired. i can't surf blogspots pages. so, i kinda miss my new layout blog. muahaha. talking about blogger tegar. :P sanggup surf kat tepon kenit just nak baca comments. nak reply thru fon tak best.

lately, afiq n adib tak berapa nyenyak la tido. i'm not sure why. but perhaps the new arrangement in our bedroom is the main reason. sbbnya, aircond kena direct kat diorang. maybe they feel too cold. but then, i normally switched the aircond off after they fell asleep. maybe panas? ntah la. hope they'll get back to their ryhthm back.

yesterday, TOH treated me with a great dinner. we were supposed to dine at marche but then they didn't cater for ala carte yesterday. (yesterday was - eat all u can day).mommy was on diet, so we all head to itallianies. we actually dined there before, but frankly we didn't enjoy it much. anyway, tq dear for the thoughts and dinner.

his birthday is coming up soon. i haven't got any ideas yet on what to buy. any suggestion?

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