Thursday, March 26, 2009

:: lunch entry ::

it's heavy downpour outside, i'm hoping for no flash flood to occur. amin.

anyway, had a pretty leisure day today. big bosses aren't around, and i fly went out for lunch with my fellow colleagues @ Sogo. i take the opportunity to get new orthodontic vented teats (puting susu) for my boys. we're running out of teats, and it's out of stock at the baby's one stop centre that i frequent. lepas tuh, tengok pulak that teats tuh ada less 20%, mommy jadi macam orang tak betul. beli puting susu sampai 20 (10 packs). tak pe. puting susu tuh memang susah nak dapat pun, and the price is pulling my legs. so bila ada cut off, that's the time you should stock up, right? (justifying the swipe that i made just now)

manage to chat with TOH yesterday. he told me that only then he realised that he was in a 29 hrs journey. he called us yesterday night, while roaming around moscow city with dear cousin, faizal.

lonely weekend is coming up, and i haven't got any plans for the weekend yet. i'm thinking of bringing the boys out, but i've no idea where to. any ideas peeps?

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