Thursday, March 5, 2009

:: afiq adib demam ::

i was not supposed to be on leave, but looking at my boys, i decided to abandone work. both are down th high fever, perhaps due to overheating while we're on holiday. (yeah, it was freaking hot, when it is supposed to be autumn)

but honestly speaking, i didn't enjoy my holiday much, due to certain things. however, i still feel happy that i've got the chance to bond with my two bundle of joys.

i'll try to find time to blog on some procedures that we encountered during the check in process. in the meanwhile, i just don't have the mood to blog because i hm.. shall i say it's personal.

okay la. (i know this is not typical me who have just return from a week) take care


salhana said...

wuit? ape kes?

kay dora said...

take care dear.

aishah zaharin said...

sal - ntah. pms kot

kay - tq