Tuesday, September 23, 2008

:: plans ::

alhamdulillah, as stated in my previous entry, i'm so relieved that finally hubby will be around for eid together with the family.. so, now the plan begins..

i'll be on leave starting next monday.. am thinking of settling few domestic issues, as well as getting some new stuffs for my boys and my future boy (if energy permits).. plenty of plans to execute.. ngehngehngeh..

FYI, i've sent off my helper last july due to her health problem, and till date, i haven't got any replacement yet.. time is ticking, my due date is getting nearer and i'm desperate to get one for i can't bear letting my mom to look after the boys, for i know my boys are super duper active to handle.. i'm asking for a favour here from my dear readers, who came accross good agents so that i could get a new helper before november comes in.. i prefer to hire helper who is a sundanese, for they are well known to be better of with babies and toddlers..

career wise, it's getting more hectic, but i as usual will take it easy, for i know i have to look after my health and level of stress as well.. so far, i still can cope thought there're issues and ways that i don't agree with.. but then, that's part and parcel of working life kan?

apa lagi ye nak cerita.. as mentioned before, i have no plans to bake any cookies for raya, but then it seems that i can't put off my mind from choc chip cookies (double choc chip cookies actually) that i've made months ago.. the recipe was really easy and the outcome was really good.. if only i have time to whip it up, as i have plenty of sewing to do as well.. (i have to complete my beading projects as well as altering my boys' baju melayu)

this year round, no new clothes for me and hubby.. i practically mmg malas nak beli since i'll only be preggy for the next 3 months, and i have tonnes of maternity clothing already.. while hubby dah ada belambak2 baju leayu that he don't even bother to make a new one.. so, i decided to spend only for the boys, choosing the colours according to what we have in our present closet..

okay readers, i'm blogging off now.. will be having a meeting in 20 mins time.. (MALASNYERRRR).. take good care all.. salam ramadhan and if u're about to embark your journey back to your hometown, travel safely! don't forget to rest & relax kay?

TTFN! (tata for now)

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Anonymous said...

bagilah resepi choc chip yang senang tuh kak...
manalah tahu weekend ni rajin nak buat bila dah sampai kampung :-)