Wednesday, September 17, 2008

:: letih teramat semalam ::

day 17 in Ramadhan - hari nih Nuzul Quran.. owh, ok, no wonder pagi tadi kurang sket traffic.. :D sempat wa punch kul 7.29am.. a min to 7.30.. ;D i've been late for the past few days, that i decided not to sleep after sahur today.. start my second project on beads, and huhuhuhuu, i think this one will take even longer.. imagine 2 inch of beading took me almost 0.5 hour to complete? padan muka, sapa suruh beli beads yang kecik.. assessing at my rates of sewing, i decided to bring my beads to office so that i could sew a lil' bit during lunch hour.. i can't really sew at home as afiq and adib will definitely would be more tha happy to join me in..

afiq and adib lately has put on their 'liatness' hat when it comes to sleep.. on their normal days, they'll doze off at around 8.00 - 8.30pm, which mommy and daddy are very happy about it.. but yesterday night, it was almost 11.00pm and i'm still struggling to put afiq to sleep, espite him finished his milk twice! ithought afiq kembung but tak gak.. last² anak mommy yang sorang nih berguling² atas tilam sampai tertido.. adib dah dozed off with the help of the maids..

yesterday, after iftar, both boys demand mommy to feed them with milk.. so, i had to put both boys on the pillow (normally i put them on my lap) and feed them simultaneously.. they dozed off and i was so happy.. i thought it's gonna be till morning, but it turned out to be a short nap! huhuuhuhuhuu.. almost berderai air mata mommy dia semalam sebab kelesuan yang teramat sangat.. seriously, yesterday was among the most tiring day of fasting! which i don't know why.. (perhaps all this while kat opis dok relax², but yesterday i pulun siapkan proposal paper - which takde la pulun sgt pun..)

enough about yesterday.. talking about today..

my plan would be:-
1. to ammend my proposal paper according to my superior's comments.. hopefully, not much! ;D
2. to check office expenditure report..
3. to continue my beading project during lunch hour..
4. to drop by at the grocery store to get some mixed vege..
5. to make some frozen pizza for the boys (hopefully, mommy will be kuat enough to do it)

tu jek kot.. take care all.. selamat berpose!

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