Thursday, September 11, 2008

:: dissapointed ::

exhausted.. first time ever, both boys are down with flu.. aiyak! normally demam sorang je, nih 2-2 serentak.. kalau tak kuat iman, mau terbukak pose mommy dia.. tapi mengenangkan 'hutang lalu' pun tak settle lagi, ku gagahkan jua.. huhu..

felt a bit dissapointed wth my boys lately.. (heh) adib has signficantly show some attachment with my grandmom's maid, which i don't like really.. he prefers to seek cmfort in her, rather me as mommy, which i find disturbing.. i don't know where went wrong.. and i'm praying that thigs will turn normal very soon.. hopefully it's just a temporary attachment that he develops since its fasting month, and i have handful of things to do, that need to be done by myself.. and i do hope hubby could understand this by sparing some time for the boys.. for i've learnt an expensive lesson before when i dispose my maid..

to my readers who have been contributing to names, thank you so much.. i love the name AQIL but hubby don't like it.. alahai.. hopefully more ideas will pour in.. :D

take care all.. bye!

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