Friday, September 5, 2008

:: what a bad day! ::

memangn today amat mencabar kesabaran aku sebagai seorang muslimah yang berpose..

pagi tadi insiden kat opis, as per my last entry.. now the clock is ticking.. it's 5.22pm, i'm still at the office.. and i don't have any idea at all what time my husband will be arriving, and what time will i reach home.. (those residing in KL will definitely know how traffic is like during fasting month, especially when it rains)

as per my last attempt of calling, my husband is still in jalan sultan ismail, moving 10m away from his initial spot after almost 10-15 mins there.. kalau la aku boleh drive sendiri, indahnya hidup (read - not that i don't have a liscence or i fobia driving, it's just that i can't drive during my pregnancy period! sbbnya i've been experiencing tightening here n there, and low in blood pressure - sometimes almost collapse sengsorang)

tadi solat asar pun tak khusyu' sbb dok tahan sabar.. kena ingatkan diri sendiri supaya istighfar banyak²..

ntahla, being me, mmg i admit i'm a bit impatient.. i don't like to wait, for waiting is a waste of time.. i can do 1001 other things instead of waiting.. please bear with me as this is one of my weak point inside me..

adoi.. dah kul 5.30pm and bayang hubby pun takde lagi.. tak plak dia hapdet aku ngan location dia.. nak call out tak leh, bateri kong.. fon office tak leh buat call to hp nos..

aiyak! lama lagi ka mau tunggu?

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Anonymous said...

shian akak...
sabar ye kak....