Friday, September 12, 2008

:: ramadhan 12 already ::

when i was younger, i love to write poems.. it's a way of expressing things in your heart beautifully.. i haven't done it for sucha long long time.. for i don't have time to do so.. but i feel, i'd love to re-do those again.. so, hopefully, my readers will have the chances to see the soft spot inside me.. ;D

anyway, i'm working today after 2 days leave.. the boys are recuperating from the fever.. they're teething at the moment.. imagine adib with at least 3 gigi geraham coming up? haha.. meragam habis.. even atok yesterday said - "adib dah mula lorat dah nih"..

so far yesterday, no high temperature recorded cmpared to the day before.. the day before, afiq - 39.7, adib 39.1.. letih mommy! really exhausted..

owh, just to share some concern, adib is not weaning well at the moment.. get in touched with a couple of friends, and one returned to me with sucha beautiful advise.. i hope i will have the time to get the book she recommends, and tried it on afiq and adib..

it will be a quiet week next week without husband around.. he'll be off to russia either tomorrow or monday (too much uncertainties la.. leceh) for at least week.. will only return back to kl on saturday next week.. hopefully the boys will behave well and won't put up any tantrums like the past days, that made mommy passed her sabar limit.. jangan demam sudah.. haru mommy dibuatnya..

apa lagi nak cerita? hm,, ramadhan has entered its 12 day, and alhamdulillah, so far i've been fasting well, despite my low BP problem and fatigue.. (read BP - 87/49) so far, i haven't miss my puasa even a day yet, and everyday during sahur, i prayed to Allah to give me the strength to complete my fast.. alhamdulillah, so far i'm coping ok.. and i hope it'll contnue till the end of ramadhan.. raya prep - settle, sbbnya i malas nak shop during ramadhan.. i just can't stand the crowd and the letihness.. didn't get anything for myself and hubby, recycle jek yang lama² with minimal alteration (read - i'm sewing some beads here people! can u believe it?) almost done with one maternity blouse.. hopefully, by today leh siap.. yeay! progress dah stagnant for the past week coz lots of problems crop up..

guess that's all for now.. selamat berpose everyone.. rajin2 bertadarus and don't miss your tarawikh prayers okay?


Anonymous said...

fuh! x sangke akak reti buat poem..
aweng dulu paling x suke poem sebab x reti bace.. malay ke, english ker sume x reti

abg ahmad nk g rusia nk jadik angkasawan kedua ek kak? ke prep utk ke-3? ehehhee...

jahit manik? aweng ada buku manik, nak pinjam? (dulu beria2 nak jahit, sekali semua manik tuh dah jadik bahan antik kat dalam store... bykkkkk..... sampai mel asik sindir2 bila nak jahit manik lagi?)

ayin1911 said...

Hi dear,

Hope you are doing well..
Hugs&kisses to ur bundle of joys..
Slamat Berpuase..(lambat skit!!)
Take Care..