Wednesday, September 17, 2008

:: tips jaga anak kembar ::

kalau dah sampai 2 kali update blog dalam masa sehari, surely nampak sangat keja kat opis dah settle kan.. not only that, i sudeenly realize that today my boys turn 13 months! and in 3 months time they will officially become BIG BROTHERS to a lil' brother.. :D i can't imagine how chaotic my house will be when they turn 2-3 years old.. mau berkarate mommy and daddy kat umah!

i promised a cyber blogmate on tips to look after twins.. and i think i'll try to fulfil it today..

being a working wife and mommy to twin boys and yet expecting is indeed a big challenge.. i can hardly lay down on my side for quick nap at anytime i want when i'm exhausted, and yes they'll drive u up the hills and down the valley though your tyres are puntured and engine are worn out.. so, to overcome all this, i need to strategize and work out my plan to ensure things move on as smooth as possible, as i definitely can't sway from the rocky, bumpy journey raising up my boys..

as much as possible, i try to meet the boys' needs e.g bath, food, milk, diapers changing, sleep simultaneously.. it's either a back to back job or being help by other be it your partner or helper.. it pretty much help me to manage time better, and do things faster as i won't feel that i'm constantly changing diaper/giving milk at any time..

next is being systematic.. i'm pretty poor in managing, but i do need to keep things organized so that i could save bits of time here and there.. though my maid helps me out in laundry etc, but i still check thru their closet to ensure things are done properly.. i prefer to fold the boys clothing with their pairs, so that i could save time from looking around for the other pair..

and when u're extremely tired, i use this formula to energize myself - sleep when they sleep, even though it means nap! only then you can see how 15-20 mins of quality nap can do wonders to your body..

don't do everything by yourself.. get your partner involve as much as possible, so that u could shed bits of challenges from your shoulder.. don't be too optimistic in running chores, as we are normal human being, and we also have other thiings to attend to besides the kids.. by doing so, not only you lighten the challenges, but you also get to spend some quality time with your partner as well.. talking about multitasking.. here's the way!

last but not least, to keep your sanity alive, always and always make way for your private time with your other half, away from the kids.. once a week - 1 hr away is good enough to recharge your relationship.. we normally steal the time during the weekdays, with friday being our favourite.. a stroll in the mall for an hour, only the two of us - excellent enough to strentghen our relationship..

and if u still can't take the stress of raising twins, heat up the kettle, kick back on the sofa, grabbed the twins and put them in cot, stashed with lots of SAFE toys and enjoy a cuppa! HAHA.. it don't really work.. don't trust me.. ;D

kay yeah.. enjoy reading.. and now i'm starting to wonder, which site shall i visit next.. suggestion anyone?

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Fairus Basir said...

Hi, i just found ur blog. I am so glad! I'm 7 months pregnant and was told that i am having twins. I am so surprised. Means i recently found out i am going to have 2 babies. I hope i can dig out more from ur blog. Glad to meet u.