Monday, September 22, 2008

:: uncertainties ::

it's ramadhan 22, and the heat of eid mubarrak has started to creep in.. but somehow rather, i haven't got the chance to feel the excitement yet, as my raya plan is pretty much unclear, due to hubby's commitment to work.. will only know my fate by wednesday the latest whether he'll be around for eid or not..

call me pathetic, but sometimes i am just too tired to handle these kind of situation.. i'm not married to a soldier or police, that requires me to be prepared to celebrate my eid alone with the kids, without hubby around.. i'm married to a plain structural engineer, and yet i still have to prepare my mental for this.. never in my life, i could imagine celebrating raya alone.. huhu..

tak pe.. like hubby said to me last night.. let us put the glass down for a while, not thinking about it.. as we still don't know what is the outcome yet.. he'll be having his meeting (hopefully today, for i want to know how my raya plan will be!!) to confirm his work itinary to ukraine.. if he needs to be there during eid, i do feel that my preparation for raya this year will be washed out down to the drain.. apa yang bestnye weh? penat aku tempah baju raya anak² aku skali aku sorang jek yang tgk? kalau nak ikutkan excitement, sepatutnya raya tahun nih over-excited sebabnya, i'm expecting (again) and my boys has grown up a bit, that they now know how to enjoy themselves..

dah la cerita pasal raya.. jiwaku KACAO!

forgot to share.. youngest bro aka adik has returned to Cardiff yesterday night since his new semester is kicking in in a week time.. tapi boleh siap cakap ngan aku - "i should have balik Cardiff on 22nd la along.. silap planning.." and i asked him why.. he told me, "tonight MAN U lawan CHELSEA" (read : my brother shares the same passion with hubby - they enjoy footie and support the same team) i replied :"i told u to ponteng a day or two of your classes to celebrate raya, adik tamau".. hehe.. sian dia..

last saturday, my mom organized a small iftar with all the family members - with aunties, uncles, cousins and in laws at my mom's place.. i offered mom to cook some lasagna and macaroni, and to my surprise, mom told me - masak banyak sikit.. mak dah beli macaroni lebih.. alamak! (read - i'm pretty poor when it comes to cooking in large quantities.. my ingredients ratio will run crazy!) untuk tidak menghampakan harapan ibu, aku masak jugak la, though i was extremely tired looking after the boys.. the outcome makes me smile.. hehe.. my cooking was snapped out pretty fast and there was nothing left after iftar.. alhamdulillah.. (maknanya my cuisine are not that lousy.. that makes me a girl!) hehe.. (berlagak kejap)

okaylah all, panjang dah update nih.. tahun nih aku tak buat kuih raya.. semua tunjuk² jek.. berhemah sket belanja tahun nih.. i only bought 3 types of kuih raya - cheese tart, my forever favourite crispy almond cornflake from my lovely friend - suraya and karipap inti serunding ikan from sal (bukan sal yang buat.. kena tulis dengan jelas) hehe.. i think i won't be making my trademark cookies this year - choccy cornflakes.. tak larat and takde masa..

take care all.. enjoy my entry yang caca marba ini.. ;)


Suzie said...

i hate to celebrate raya alone for no matter reasons.Pity on u but hopefully u will still be able to enjoy every single moment for ur kids are there to entertain u...yup but still feel 'empty' rite?i don't know how's the feeling but I still think that raya is more meaningful with hubby,parents n relatives around us.

salhana said...

heyLooo..mmgla i xbuat karipap tp i yg pandai pilihkan karipap yg sedap tau!

aishah zaharin said...

suzie - alhamdulillah.. doa dikabulkan Allah.. insya Allah beraya bersama..

sal - ok sal.. ok.. kau queue dah 2 taun kan nak jual karipap tuh..