Tuesday, September 16, 2008

:: missing my other half ::

hubby is on the jet plane, flying to moscow,russia to attend to his work.. sent him off to kl sentral with the boys yesterday night right after iftar, only to find afiq cried so hard when daddy left him with me without picking him up.. he only cooled off when my brother aka his pak ngah switched on zikrullah on cd player.. alhamdulillah, he gets better when we arrived home though he was a little bit cranky here and there.. lucky me, for adib has fallen asleep in the car! kalau tak lagi haru biru man! but then when we arrived home (i was expecting afiq to doze off), he started his cranky bits again, and refused to sleep despite being so sleepy.. i finally decided to take him to the room, put him on daddy's sarong, and amazingly, he dozed off easily! haiya my boys!

my mom is planning for a get together iftar this saturday, on the day my hubby will be back, and just in time before my youngest brother returns to Cardiff.. guess, i could finally make good use of the left over spaghetti sauces as lasagna for iftar menu.. kust minor alteration, walla, done! heh.. (dasar pemalas)

apa lagi nak story.. owh, i've completed my very own beading project last week.. (baru satu siap) and i have one more to go (which i believe is more tedious) pandai sangat pegi beli beads yang size dia super small! huhu.. but i have to prove to myself that i'm not hangat² tahi ayam! i must complete it before raya - for that is my raya clothing.. (yeah - preggy at 26 weeks, i believe buying new outfit for raya is not a good decision really, when i have ample of dresses, blouses, pants and skirts!) it's not a long way to go.. :D

i think i'm done with my updating for the day.. promised myself to finish my write up by today.. i've been delaying for a while, and i know i have to stop! huhu.. okay back to my paperwork - Flood Risk Maps.. (too technical.. kalau la macam blogging kan best)

hmm.. missing my other half already.. wondering what he's doing now..


Asiah Abd Jalil said...

My husband kena attached kat Arab Saudi, 3 months woooo!!! Right after raya until early January next year. Wonder how would I be? Share la sikit your experience, macam mana nak manage life without hubby. Rasa emotionally imbalance kan?!

aishah zaharin said...

heh asiah.. i am one of the luckiest person on earth sbb hubby dapat escape from being attached to turkmenistan for 2 years..

my advise, take one day at a time.. the kids will once in a while chase u to madness, but always take deep breath, and take time out for urself too.. perhaps, it wuold be wise for u n hubby to sign up for 3G services where u can make video calls, (if being in front of pc with free web cam services is not an option for u) it will make life much easier i suppose.. (that's one advise given by my friend) perhaps, it's worth the try as the kids will definitely miss the father a bunch!

be strong yeah, and if u feel u need some shoulder to land on, just count me in! for this is the life that we need to face being a wife to someone who works in O&G industry..

but i admit, it's easier said than done.. good luck dear!